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postings ELECTRIC TOWN L OS ANGELES — 180LA produced a two-and-a- half-minute video for Mitsubishi that details how the town of Normal, IL, has embraced the automaker's 100 percent electric vehicle, called "i." The video features Normal locals talking about the town's willingness to make clean energy inno- vation a part of the town's persona. Mitsubishi has been manufacturing vehicles in Normal since 1985. The town is now the electric car capital of the United States, giving it the title of EVTown, and a thousand Mitsubishi innovative Elec- tric Vehicles (MiEV) can be found on its streets. According to producer David Emery, the project was shot using Arri's Alexa. For a VFX shot, in which three MiEVs appear, the production team first blocked the action they wanted to see in the shot, and then locked off the camera, shooting an overall plate with no talent or cars. They then shot the car in three positions. Method Studios provided post services for the project and used Autodesk Flame to compositing the three vehicles into one scene. WHERE SHORTS LIVE L TOUCHING COSMOS B ETHESDA, MD — Pixeldust Studios has produced more than a thousand animations and visual effects for the OS ANGELES — Leanna Bonamici is the creator, producer and film curator for Shorts Showcase, a 30-minute TV show that gives extended life to short films after they have finished their festival runs. The series is produced in conjunc- tion with AdVideo and is now in its third season. Recently, it was picked up by PBS, which will be broadcasting the Shorts Showcase to audiences throughout Southern California. Bonamici says 13 episodes are scheduled for the new sea- son, and each will feature approximately 20 minutes worth of films, submitted from around the world, along with interviews of the filmmakers and production tips. Submissions come electronically and via DVD. The program was initially cut by Brandon Worswick, and is now being edited in Final Cut Pro by Larry Pederson. In addition to PBS's broadcasts, the show also has a Website (, allowing viewers, regardless of their location, access to the shorts, commentary and filmmakers' tips. four-part Nova television series The Fabric of the Cosmos. The series is based on the book "The Elegant Universe." The project marks the most ambitious for the studio, says founder/executive creative director Ricardo Andrade, which spent more than a year crafting motion graphic sequences that are visually arresting and scientifically accurate. Pixeldust worked closely with The Fabric of the Cosmos executive producer Joe McMaster, senior producer and creative director Jonathan Sahula, and producers from Nova on the project. More than 80 percent of the shots featured in the series include some degree of animation. To visualize the complex physics concepts, every shot was first storyboarded and then run by the book's author, physicist Brian Greene, for his feedback on accuracy. Certain scenes were pre-visualized with animatics. The studio also created digital sets and environments for the series, such as the futuristic teleport, two futuristic spaceports and a futuristic art gallery. Pixeldust relied on Mac Pros and Wacom tablets, along with After Effects for compositing and Maya and Maxon Cinema 4D for 3D work. SynthEyes was used for match moving and camera tracking. Photoshop and Illustrator were both used for image creation and manipulation. 360-degree panoramas were created using PTgui. Rotoscoping was performed using Imagineer Mocha for After Effects. On set, the team used a Canon 5D Mark II for acquisition. RICHARD THE EXPLORER C EDARHURST, NY — DMJ Digital Media ( is han- dling editorial for ABC's weekly show Born to Explore. The series is shot on DSLR and P2 cameras on location throughout the world. It stars explorer Richard Weise. DMJ is handling post production for approximately seven half-hour weekly episodes and is also reformatting the show for international distri- bution. Jason Katz is lead editor at DMJ and cuts the program using Apple Final Cut Pro 7. Jeff MacKey handles all the finishing and post through Barnfly Produc- tions in South Carolina. His tools include Macs running Final Cut Studio, along with Adobe After Effects. 44 Post • November 2011

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