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Scores Custom Evoking emotion with music. By Jennifer Walden When it comes to creating award-winning custom scores, technology isn't a crutch that holds the music up, it's only a set of tools that helps creative ideas get realized more quickly. So, while most composers have the same arsenal of technologi- cal tools and toys, it is the unique creative experience that makes their music original. Whether schedules and budgets allow for live orchestras, or the project at hand fits better with synthesized sounds, the most important aspect to any custom score is how well the music conveys the emotions and ideas of a project. Music is what speaks the unspoken. It can build tension, add warmth and sell a joke, surprise, and even scare. Creating a custom score ensures that the music doesn't feel "sprayed on," but instead is an insepa- rable part of the picture. Rodney Abernethy: The overall sound for the game Rage is a blend of guitar, orchestra and electronic elements. 30 Post • November 2011

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