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4 Post • November 2009 Bits & Pieces S ANTA ROSA, CA — For the Roland Em- merich film 2012, Factory VFX (www.facto- ryvfx. com) and par tner company RotoFac- tor y completed composites, plate reconstructions and wire/rig removal. Digital effects super visor Nicholas Cerniglia says the director wanted to slow down the action in a boxing scene, and due to the camera flashes that oc- curred throughout the shot, a retime effect needed to be applied, warping objects and people. "The boxer's arms, back and head, as well as the boxing ring floor and ropes had frame," Cerniglia explains. The "after" image (below) which a large amount of hand plates were applied to correct tifacts and distor tions caused dio used Timewarp for the retime CS4 for the painting. In addition to Cerniglia, the cluded executive producer Eric visor Russ Sueyoshi and lead digital green ideas " "Save money and trees. Install GreenPrint ( on your computer(s).You can deselect photos or text, or when the Internet, deselect that last annoying only two lines on it. Only print the pages It also tallies your saving — bonus!" — Lesley Chilcott, producer It Might Get Loud/Earth Factory VFX contributes to 2012 L ONDON — Unit (, here, has ex- panded its list of creative services with the re- cent opening of an Apple Color grading suite. The studio has also appointed Simon Astbury colorist. Unit specializes in commercials, promos, feature- length programming and music videos, and already has one suite, operated by colorist James Willett. The new room will help the studio cope with a growing demand from high-profile clients. Astbur y has worked with a number of produc- tion companies and international broadcasters, in- cluding the BBC, ITV, Channel cover y. His UK credits include ion Fix, 3 Men In Another Boat, ranean, Last Man Standing and Engineering Connections. Color is par t of the new suite of tools. Also featured CP200 modular control panels emage 10-bit monitor. Unit is starting work on the and on The Culture Show. Unit opens Color suite

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