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So much of what we watch on TV — and these days — uses stock footage to help establish port a narrative or explain an idea. Post spoke pendent researchers and content producers out how they go about filling their stock needs. budgets are a strong underlying factor, influencing shoot original footage or rely on stock footage. years of experience, they've found ways to save get what they need. Here, they share some of with libraries, doing the research and satisfying DAV I D C . W H I T E David C.White ( writer/producer who's worked as an associate number of television projects for A&E and History which have made use of stock footage. When Post caught up with him, he was busy series for a cable network that follows the theme different job sites. The series is set to debut while its name and network is still under wraps, the subject of two episodes: concrete and overnight The delivery episode looks at the path a Shanghai, China, to New York City."There is stuff air, and a journey across half the world, so there's stock for that, and throughout the story it goes about historical stuff," he explains. The concrete episode looks at the 90 minutes deliver and pour freshly-mixed cement at "We wanted to make sure we had crews for that 90-minute process," White says of the that's out of that [90-minute clock], like cover with stock because we are just going to to that narrative. For anything in that narrative have the actual footage." Finding imager y of a quarr y and the cement pushes out the tons of concrete isn't your typical ficult," he says of finding these more obscure that I've ever worked with has had a ver y that's been good about tracking stuff down. and the next day they've got you a shot. What's is the way the Internet has been brought into He offers Thought Equity's site as an example."It that I need it in like 15 minutes — so I can go for 'cement oven' or 'rock quarry' and they'll have download and hand to my editor, and have it turned minutes.That's been very cool, the development White says the stock company will provide with watermarks, and once they decide on used, they'll get a tape with the high-resolution "It's really helpful," he says of the Web previews, get my editors 30 clips in an hour and he can White says he will typically pay at a per-second footage, with a per-project minimum. "Everything

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