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the look of the film. the Red has given me the unique look of this film," says I worked closely to flesh manner that emphasized post-apocalyptic tone critical to story." Baselight to create many of the traditional DI process. Final Frame meets Peter and Vandy N EW YORK — Final Frame Post ( provided DI ser vices for Peter and Vandy, a feature written and directed by Jay DiPeitro, based on his play about a young New York couple's relationship.The story is told in non- chronological order.The feature was shot on Super 16mm film using 35mm lenses, and was scanned on an Imagica scanner, with output to 2K DPX files. Final Frame co-founder/colorist Will Cox con- formed, graded and digitally color corrected the material using the studio's Digital Vision Nucoda Film Master system and Rising Sun Research's CineSpace for color management.The data-centric workflow of the DI and the use of LUTs allowed for frame-by-frame interaction and control over the look of the feature. Content was stored on a 4GB SAN with In- for trend arrays managed by metaSAN software. The SAN allowed Final Frame Post to color cor- rect the 2K files natively and avoid proxies. This allowed them to dust bust and grain reduce at the same time. In related news, Final Frame Post has expanded its digital cinema services with a new package that offers encoding, secure key embedding, encr yp- tion, storing, decoding, viewing and packaging of digital cinema content for delivery to digital cine- mas and digital festivals/screenings. The company has invested in Dolby's Secure Content Creator (SCC2000) and Screen Ser ver (DSS200). The SCC2000 offers a comprehensive set of tools needed to take a Digital Cinema Distribution Mas- ter (DCDM) and quickly produce final 2K or 4K digital cinema distribution files. The DSS200 is a platform that stores, decodes and delivers content to a digital cinema projector. All digital cinema packages completed at Final Frame follow the recommended specifications of SMPTE and the Digital Cinema Initiative (DCI).The studio recently provided DCP ser vices for Todd Solondz's Life During Wartime. post-apocalyptic look burn, dodge and create frac- extremely helpful in creat- also takes advantage of the tools. Me got its color in Baselight. Lustre to give the show its director and producers. News

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