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B URBANK — Maxine Ger vais of Warner Bros. Motion Picture Imaging (www. handled the DI for the upcoming post-apocalyptic Hughes brothers feature Book of Eli. Gervais got involved during the feature's pre-production stage, performing a series of tests to match film against Red data. As production com- menced, she provided color notes and settings for the dailies, as the color timing was done on set.This established a direction for the "In terms of the DI, the range to create the unique Gervais. "The director and I out all available detail in a manner and enhanced the post-apocalyptic the development of the story." Ger vais used a Baselight looks that fell outside the traditional Creating Eli's post-apocalyptic S ANTA MONICA — Riot Santa Monica ( is handling color grading, conforming and titling on Season 2 of the Fox drama series Lie to Me, which is shot in Los Angeles using Arri's D21 camera. Each day, the studio receives footage on OB1 data drives, which is ingested onto the SAN. Au- todesk Lustre is employed to color and create se- lected takes for dailies. Final conform is done in Au- todesk Smoke using the original raw footage. The files are published for colorist Pankaj Bajpai to color grade final picture in Lustre. Bajpai gives the show its signature soft, dark and gritty look in the Lustre, tapping into the emotions of the content and the characters. He closely collaborates with the show's DP, director and producers, who often sit in during DI sessions. Bajpai cites Lustre's organic shaped power win- dows and the ability to burn, tured vignettes, as being extremely ing the show's look. He also system's auto tracking tools. Riot gets gritty for Lie to Me 26 Post • November 2009 Warner Bros.'s Book of Eli got Colorist Pankaj Bajpai uses Lustre gritty look, created by the DP, director DI News

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