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I n our "Early Inter vention" feature this month, LightIron Digital's Michael Cioni discusses the im- portance of getting post pros involved early, es- pecially on productions with file-based workflows. While these types of productions are happen- ing more often, there is a learning curve and some misinformation to overcome. Cioni has more than 250 file-based productions under his belt, and he is helping to dispel some myths and fears by tak- ing par t in panels like the one at REDucation's Community Day last month in LA called, "The Real Deal: Red Post." In addition to the new types of workflows, Cioni finds that people also want to talk about the differences between shooting with film and digi- tally on a Red or Arri D21. "I think film is the best image quality format, but I can't make as many pro- jects if I based it on just one component — image quality. When you line up all the components of file-based solutions and all the components of film- based solutions, you find that file-based are advan- tageous in a larger number of categories." Does that mean he thinks the quality of digital is close enough that it shouldn't matter? "Ab- solutely," he says. And he believes that quality will just keep getting better. "With Moore's Law show- ing technology doubles ever y two years, we will see much greater latitude in digital cameras by 2012. It will ASA. I am also end of the next are far more than the human ages that far but we'll get Cioni also ing pros today "so when tools understands evangelizing a group of people puters, they Their entire DVRs, DVDs, those experiences bring a whole because they While Cioni people, it excites will bring to thing different," thing that no confidence… anything, in taining files Not a bad File-based workflows E D I T O R ' S 2 Post • November 2009 By RANDI ALTMAN E D I T O R - I N - C H I E F P O S T S C R I P T Making it work A t Mindsmack ( in New York City — which handles broadcast pro- mos and spots, as well as interactive and Web work through its business — flexibility is the key to getting through challeng- ing economic times. President/COO Todd Feuer has run a num- ber of post facilities in his career and set up MindsmackTV in 1999. He was formerly a part- ner at Bionic in NYC, but sold off his share of the business and now operates his own studio, where he is joined by his brother, chief business officer/motion graphics artist Mike Feuer. The team has a five-room facility on 43rd Street in Manhattan, where they offer editing, via Final Cut, and mixing in 5.1 rooms for clients that include SyFy, History, Showtime and Time Warner Cable. "2009 was the test so see who was actually going to make it," says Todd Feuer of the current economy. "I know a lot of people that went out of business." Mindsmack made some changes of its own to bend with the market. "The big change that we [made was to] shut down a video room and turn it into an audio people are still opposed to video; Mindsmack room — operated er/mixer Brian Euphonix controller.They round monitoring their video rooms aged services. "The bottom more," Feuer less. So my whole versatile as possible." Feuer points "I was editing where we are ing in the afternoon.That's estate in Manhattan we were in here, it's make possible.The 300K audio are asking for By MARC LOFTUS S E N I O R E D I T O R

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