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24 Post • November 2009 Zero. They will be released in a boxed set next Februar y. "It was ver y challenging," notes Kline."The only original elements were in Italy and hard to get due to red tape." Rome, Open City was previously restored by Cinecitta Digital and Centro Sperimen- tale in Italy; The Criterion Collection later did fur ther video restoration to the film. The Italians "found the original negative, re- stored it in 2007 through DI technology and made prints from it," says Kline. "People said they never knew the film was so beautiful. It wasn't dir ty and depressing but stark. Al- though we have the ability to manipulate and completely change the image today and make it look perfect, our goal is only to make it look like it did when it came out." For these classic B&W films that means ensuring that day-for-night shots are pre- sented correctly and that dark scenes have black blacks but are not crushed. Materials for Paisan and Germany Year Zero, which were fin- ished recently by The Criterion Collection, were secured from Cinecitta in Rome. The Criterion Collection used a battery of tools to get the results they desired for the Rossellini package.The company has two MTI Film Correct DRS systems along with a pair of Pixel Farm PF Clean systems and Digital Vi- sion's realtime ASC3 ME for automatic dust and dir t removal and scratch concealment. "The Digital Vision process is only HD, but it helps us do more movies," Kline points out. "Without it, it would be very time consuming to remove small white and black dir t on so many projects at once with systems such as MTI's Autofilter. Using realtime processes carefully can be helpful in this manner." Ideally, The Criterion Collection consults with the filmmakers to make sure their inten- tions for the film to be restored are main- tained, a task that, admittedly, gets harder with the passage of time. But cinematogra- pher Giuseppe Rotunno came in for the F I L M A in RESTORATION M for companies has titles "While we're able keeps titles the US," Backlot tracted — wire extensions, removals, The solid ital film along with Muckerheide tion-driven He teamed system vival system."They says Muckerheide."They their respective and every Sometimes film under very long brated back experience restoration very long ture. So With individual non-issue just the level of broadcast Cinetech restored Jubal using a host of tools, including Furnace, After Effects, MTI's Correct and Film, and da Vinci Resolve. continued on page 52

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