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January/February 2015

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Bodywork & Healing SOMATIC REALIGNMENT ACCOMPLISHED WITH EXPERTISE AND ENTHUSIASM Spinal problems? Accidents? Surgery? Athletic injury? Occupational, Emotional and Other Stress? Life changes? It has been my pleasure to bring the benefits of Rolfing to thou- sands of clients over the years. Hands-on infusion of energy and skillfully directed pressure evoke changes in patterns of breath and connective tissue layers. Realignment of structure and function in the field of gravity is the goal. Better posture, range of movement,flexibility, release of trauma and integration of body, mind and spirit are among the results. Basic, Advanced, Maintenance Sessions. Renee Branch-Wagner, Certified Advanced Rolfer Graduate of Cornell University Protegé of founder Ida P. Rolf 310.454.2644, Pacific Palisades ROLFING FOR HEALTH AND HAPPINESS professional services directory Colon Hydrotherapy HEALTH BEGINS IN THE COLON We are dedicated to the safe and gentle practice of colon cleansing. We help you attain your individual health goals by providing you with the education, products & services you need. Louretta has 32 years of experience and is highly recommended for her skills, knowledge and unique ap- proach to body care and colon cleansing. For a rejuve- nating addition to your detox/cleansing program, try our Seaweed Herbal Body Wrap—more than 100 vital minerals in pre- mium seaweed from the south of France. Also available: cleansing formulas, therapeutic-grade essential oils & more. Body Z Alive – Your #1 choice for colon cleansing. 7 days/week. MC/Visa accepted. 310.587.2639 1137 2nd Street, Ste. 205, Santa Monica 90403 www.bodyzalive.com Omnasztra – A Healer of Mind, Body & Spirit Deep and Transformative Healings on the Spiritual, Physical, Emotion- al & Mental levels addressing obstacles, issues, and the alignment of energy. Also Spiritual Counseling, Development & Growth. *** "On my healing path, I have not encountered anyone who possesses Omnasztra's unique gift to invoke energetic healing at the deepest emotional, physical and spiritual levels. In her powerful energetic healing sessions, I have healed past traumas, expanded my spiritual consciousness, gained insight in my daily life and much more! I am eternally grateful to Stacey's extraordinary service." —D.D., Los Angeles 818-812-7025 Omnasztra@aol.com www.omnasztra.com Relaxing & Therapeutic Bodywork BY CERTIFIED MASSAGE THERAPIST I help busy individuals who suffer from stress and mental fatigue to achieve more success in their personal and professional lives. If you suffer from body aches related to stress, you too can experience deep relief and live a more enjoyable life. I have developed my technique from years of practice and specialize in bodywork modalities that are proven to ease and comfort your mind and body. LeeAnn is a highly skilled therapist with a passion for healing her cli- ents. She has been healing me since 2012, and I will be forever grate- ful. For me, massage from LeeAnn is not a luxury, but rather a necessity for healthy living. Shawna G., Los Angeles 323.202.6569 LeeAnn Christian leeann625@yahoo.com MERCURY-FREE HOLISTIC TREATMENT We combine laser, cosmetic, homeopathic and family dentistry following holistic principles. This, combined with highly indi- vidualized treatment plans, results in the best possible care for patients of all ages. We evaluate a patient as a whole person rather than a set of teeth, respect the intricate inter-relationship of teeth, mouth and body, and will definitely not place any sil- ver-mercury amalgams. If we remove any, we follow strict pre- cautionary guidelines. Our facility is spacious, equipped with the latest technology, and meticulously designed to impart serenity and comfort. We par- ticularly love seeing children. Biological and Homeopathic Dentistry Joseph Sarkissian DDS 906 N. Glendale Ave. Glendale, CA 91206 818.247.7828 www.sarkissiandds.com Dental Care february/march 2015 35

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