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art & soul BOOKS Plant Intelligence and the Imaginal Realm Beyond the Doors of Perception into the Dreaming of Earth By Steven Harrod Buhner D ensely populated with naturalist and Gaian philosophy quotations and references—Blake to Bly, Einstein to Michael Chrichton, Lovelock, Goethe, Thoreau, Rumi, Kabir and Lao-tse, not to mention a bastion of theoretical, speculative and research biologists (notably botanists & geneticists)—Buhner's text states and restates his timely and convincing thesis: Overcoming engrained cultural blinders will inevitably open our sensory gates to reveal the profound and powerful interconnectedness of all, thus inducing horizontal adaptations and mutations to creatively transform our deepest selves and our rediscovered universality. He asks, then, what happens after the Doors of Perception truly open? What's next? An adventurous and transformational gauntlet is fl ung! How effectively the author's self- and community- d e v e l o p m e n t exercises will change the world will likely vary for each reader. I'm confi dent, though, that all who take the plunge and traverse these deep clear waters will surface again cleansed and inspired—perhaps not to wield Buhner's blazing anti-reductionist torch quite as vociferously as he, but certainly to feel, express and project our shared meaning and mission, carrying it from the cellular level to the stars. A tiny piece of a cosmos- sized curve appears as a straight line. We've achieved a lot, for better and worse, with the linear thinking of many mechanistic centuries, even to the point where science defi nes its own limits and directions beyond them. Our neural networks entrain perfectly with those of plants, Earth's own electromagnetic fi eld resonance and the full metaphysical background of realized quantum potential. Buhner offers us "golden threads" to lead us on a magical v o y a g e — n o seat belts allowed. (Bear & Company) —Mac Graham 100% WOW. 0% WHOOPS. FREE THIRSTY YOGA MAT TOWEL (a $24.98 value) When you purchase $75 or more of our Petal Collection online at Gaiam.com C M Y CM MY CY CMY K Gaiam_Jan15_WholeLifeTimes-Ad_3x4.pdf 1 1/30/15 9:48 AM february/march 2015 31

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