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January/February 2015

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Create the Relationship You Desire the Relationship You Desire the Relationship Bestselling author Shakti Gawain shares her hard-won wisdom By Abigail Lewis F or a struggling young New York actor longing for a life partner and ca- reer success, stumbling upon Creative Visualization was like nding the keys to a magic door. Shakti Gawain's bestselling book started me on a path of "creating my own reality" that quickly brought striking results: I hadn't gotten work in months and suddenly I was booking jobs every week. I was elated. e relationship angle took a little longer but I credit this work for eventually helping me to connect with my life partner. A seeker and early adopter, Shakti cofounded publishing company New World Library (with Marc Allen) in 1977, before her 30th birthday. Her books have sold more than ten million copies in more than 35 languages worldwide. WLT was delighted to reconnect with Shakti on the publication of e Rela- tionship Handbook (New World Library), co-written with Gina Vucci, who has been leading workshops and facilitating groups based on Shakti's work for 14 years. WLT: I remember when you met your husband because it was just before you joined the WLT "Enlightenment Cruise" through the Hawaiian Islands in the very early 1990s. Did you "visualize" Jim into your life? SG: Prior to meeting Jim, I was longing for and visualizing a deep connection with a partner, however the right relationship was not manifesting. It was frustrat- ing for me and of course, many people would come to my workshops and intro- duce me to the partner they had "visualized." I was ba ed. en I discovered the work of Drs. Hal and Sidra Stone. ey introduced me to the idea that there were di erent parts within me and that although part of me very much wanted a relationship, other parts did not. I began to nurture the parts of me that were frightened and resistant—for good reason, because I had been living out of balance for some time. Once I experienced consciousness about the process going on inside me, I began to heal. Once I experienced this shi toward balance and self-nurturing, I literally reconnected with Jim the following week. 26 wholelifetimes.com

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