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January/February 2015

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ness Administrations also offer trainings. Friends and family on your chosen path are a great resource and almost always willing to share, and there are many net- working groups in L.A. There is no magic in fi nding the ideal occupation, but it's easier to steer a car that's moving than one that's parked. The very act of seek- ing your ideal occupation and working toward it with a positive attitude can have a remarkable infl uence upon your overall mental and physical health. One way to begin mapping a route to self-employment is to take a large sheet of paper (or Excel worksheet if you must), and make six vertical columns. Then in the fi rst column, vertically list all your skills, talents, interests and work experience. In the second and third columns list all the "pros" of each pursuit, and then all the "cons" of each pursuit. At this stage you might be able to eliminate some pursuits because the cons outweigh the pros. In the next column, write how you might actually earn an income from each skill, talent or interest. Let it be a brainstorm— any ways you can think of to earn an in- come from each item on your list. Finally, check mark each skill, talent or interest that is at a level of competency where you could feasibly begin earning an income either right away or with some quick extra training. Finally, brainstorm about ways or places where you might be able to get information about doing that. Money is neither good nor bad, but it does manage to permeate almost ev- ery area of our lives. Beyond our individu- al health and well-being, it's also the num- ber one argument-starter in relationships. So whether you are single or with a part- ner this Valentine's Day, a meaningful gift to yourself or your signifi cant other would be to fi gure out what truly makes you feel fulfi lled. Christopher Nyerges is the author of How to Survive Anywhere and Squatter in Los Angeles. www.ChristopherNyerges.com By Christopher Nyerges " " Elizabeth Lipman, BS (2013) ND-California.Bastyr.edu 855-4-BASTYR Seattle • San Diego Learn more: Elizabeth Lipman, BS (2013) Create a Healthier World Pursue a career in nutrition at the most respected school of natural health. Bastyr's nutrition program allows me to study two passions: science and food. NURTURE • YOUR • CALLING february/march 2015 21

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