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January/February 2015

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success track D o you enjoy your work? From su- perior court judge to barista, bar- tender to CEO, we all need to feel productive, and most of us need to earn money to exchange for goods and ser- vices. But according to a 2014 report from the Conference Board, a New York-based nonprofi t research group, more than half of workers are dissatisfi ed with their jobs. Assuming a standard eight-hour day and 45 minutes getting ready for work, a commute of 30 minutes to three hours (!) and time to decompress at the end of the day, your job takes a lot more than just 40 hours. Essentially, a job we perform becomes our life. So how do we get to a place where it supports our health and well-being and we feel good about what we're doing? Start by asking yourself a few simple questions: What do I like? What do I like to do? What was I good at in elementary school? What am I good at now? Where would I like to spend a good portion of my day? What skill do I have that can be further developed, so I can turn it into a profession? Now take it to the next level: What is my purpose in life, my dharmic destiny? What did I come here in a physical body to do? If you limit your concern only to making money, you might succeed in breaking out of the rat race but that alone may not be enough to fulfi ll your dharmic destiny. Plus, as long as you're spending the ma- jority of your life, time and light at a job you don't like, it's inevitable your body will rebel. It's probably no coincidence that the risk of heart attack is highest in the fi rst three hours of the morning. Finding your optimum daily work activ- ity is something only you can do for you. It may take some time. You may not hit upon your ideal occupation right away. But if you have an attitude of willingness to learn and gratitude that you are able to pursue your own dream (impossible for many on this planet), that's the fi rst step. It can only help to regularly take class- es at a local college or online to expand your skills. H&R Block and the Small Busi- Take steps to discover your dharmic destiny IN PURSUIT OF MEANINGFUL WORK You may have been taught that the mind, spirit and life are very difficult things to know about. This is the first principle of Scientology: It is possible to know about the mind, spirit and life. For thousands of years, Man has searched for the true "meaning of life". Your search for the answer ends here. WHAT IS THE MEANING OF LIFE? PRICE: $28.00 Book on Film 1 Blu-Ray & 1 DVD Church of Scientology Los Angeles 4810 W. Sunset Boulevard Los Angeles, CA 90027 • (323) 953-3206 losangeles-contact@scientology.net www.scientology-losangeles.org By L. Ron Hubbard GET THE BOOK-ON-FILM FIND OUT FOR YOURSELF. By L. Ron Hubbard 20 wholelifetimes.com

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