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"I WANT TO BE CREMATED. Throw my ashes in the toilet; that way I will see your ass ev- ery day." ~Georges Wolinski, cartoonist assassinated in the Charlie Hebdo terrorist attack, to his wife when asked at an earlier time about his wishes regarding death. (Lawrence O'Donnell on The Last Word, MSN- BC, 1/7) "NANNA'S EXPERIENCE suggests that the cruel are always with us, that mean girls stay mean— they just start wearing support hose and dentures." Nov- elist Jennifer Weiner on "Mean Girls in the Retirement Home" (New York Times, 1/17) "I'M NOT SURE WHICH SCARED me more: listening to my wife scream her death wish or whisper it." ~Mark Lukach, teacher and writer, on his wife's fi rst terrifying hospitalization for mental illness (Pacifi c Standard, 1/12) W O RT H R E P E AT I N G "I WOULD MUCH RATHER LIVE a life of purpose than one in which I have other things but not that." ~Thirty-year-old Elizabeth Holmes, self- made billionaire and founder of Theranos, a tech com- pany that could revolutionize blood-testing methodol- ogy (The New Yorker, 12/15 issue) "YOU HAVE A CULTURE WHERE rapists go free, there's no accountability for sexual as- sault, everything is shoved under the rug and people are actually punished for reporting sexual assault." ~Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand on sexual abuse in the military (New York Times, 11/18) "TODAY A GOOD FRIEND of mine had to explain to his daughter that people were killed because they made a drawing that others didn't like." ~French citizen Arnaud Dhoine following the Charlie Hebdo slaughter (Paris, 1/7) "AS A SOCIETY, WE'VE MOVED slowly but perceptibly in the direction of believing al- leged victims of sexual assault—it turns out that we do, at least in some cases, give credence to the claims of ambitious aspiring actresses." ~Journalist Josh Levin on celebrity sexual predators (Slate, 11/20) february/march 2015 11

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