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january/february 2015  /  the tasting panel  /  83 Melodie Buell (PDXCW Director of Events in 2015) Bend, OR 4 years at PDXCW "We're really talking about very direct education. Every class is thought through. On a very light level this year we partnered with a daycare—I want to show that we understand that this is a lifelong career. In 2015, we're also debuting our Masters program! It's for students who completed our program in the past two years and showed a level of excellence in their career since. It gives us an opportunity to continue to inspire at all levels." Phoebe Esmon (Resident Advisor & Presenter) Philadelphia, PA 2 years at PDXCW "It's a really unique atmosphere here, and this event has sort of grown up. Unlike other cocktail weeks it's aimed at us, the profes- sionals, as professional develop- ment. It reminds me of the first week of graduate school." Angel Teta (Varsity) Portland, OR 4 years at PDXCW "I'm basically in charge of all the logis- tical stuff Melodie doesn't have time for: loading, product management, coordination of supplies. It's my job to entertain any idea and maybe if I can bring a solution for you, I will. This year's model really worked and next year it'll be more even streamlined, more creative. I really think next year will be super cool!" Brandon Wise (Varsity) Denver, CO Founder at PDXCW "I had to email Audrey Saunders [to lecture that first year] out of the blue. It was a long shot and she responded, 'Absolutely, I'd love to.' I've had so many experiences now with responses like that. We've had some brilliant people and some wacky people, and they've come up with some remarkable events. A lot of ideas happened on cocktail napkins and to see them come to fruition and be actualized is really cool." Nick Korn (Captain of Varsity) Boston, MA 2 years at PDXCW "A fundamental passion of mine is showing brands and press that more and more of us have chosen this profession for life, and this isn't a transitive thing. We've dedicated ourselves. I think that it's very clear this program is growing into a professional development project." Portland Cocktail Week 2015 takes place October 17–23. Keli Rivers (Resident Advisor) San Francisco, CA 4 years at PDXCW "One of our seasoned bartenders from San Francisco was putting Giants stickers on everyone [for the World Series] so one bartender from Kansas contacted the Kansas City Royals, and they overnighted him a few hundred Kansas City stickers. We get geeked out about stirring technique and ice, but something this sports-like can bring out this other side of us that's more playful. I always leave PDXCW reinvigorated and recommitted to my craft." PHOTO: ALLISON WEBBER PHOTO: AKENJI MIZUMORI PHOTO: CAMERON SMITH PHOTO: GABI PORTER PHOTO: NATSHSA MOUSTACHE PHOTO: VIRGINIA MAE ROLLISON

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