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54  /  the tasting panel  /  january/february 2015 I ncredible cuisine, outstanding wine, gorgeous grappa, pleasingly bitter amari: Such laudable epicurean examples place us squarely into the good fit of that most famous of knee-high boots, Italy. But vodka? When it comes to the world's most popular neutral grain or grape spirit, we think . . . Sweden, the Netherlands, Russia, Poland, France. Even Texas. That is, unless Frank Guerrera has something to say about it. And he does. "I think with Punzoné we created a category that doesn't exist: luxury organic vodka with Italian originality and quality to support it," says Guerrera, 40, founder and CEO of Punzoné Organic Vodka. "Italian culture seems detailed, but at end of the day it's really very simple—it comes down to ingredients. That's what rises to the top. And that's exciting." "If you'd told me I'd own an alcohol company years ago, I'd say you were nuts!" he laughs. Guerrera's flavored vodka line, launched in 2012, was nearly a decade in the making. But spurred by his passion for bringing together family and friends, he stuck with the idea that would change his life. The Passion behind Punzoné PUNZONÉ VODKA'S FRANK GUERRERA DISTILLS UP A NEW ORGANIC ITALIAN- AMERICAN ORIGINAL by Amy Zavatto / photos by Doug Young

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