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48  /  the tasting panel  /  january/february 2015 W e sat down with industry veterans—former Marketing and PR Directors with Grey Goose and Jägermeister—Coldcock CEO and founder Rick Zeiler and President and founder Sarah Zeiler to learn about this unique whiskey, and it's no cock and bull story: What makes COLDCOCK unique and stand out from the other whiskeys in the market? Sarah Zeiler: Many things, but the taste is probably #1. Our recipe of infused herbs like green tea, hibiscus, eucalyptus, ginger and others take the burn out of drink- ing whiskey. Drinking bourbon without the burn is an experience everyone should enjoy. Rick Zeiler: The second thing is our marketing. Everyone tries so hard to fit in and it's too traditional; we're not selling to 100-year-old stiffs . . . Our market- ing reflects who we target, which is 21+ music-loving, hard-working Americans who like to party and celebrate hard work. How do people who have never tried COLDCOCK respond to it? R.Z: The carpet doesn't match the drapes—that's right, I said it. Our bottle and name look very aggressive, but our taste is something entirely unique. I describe it as a sheep in wolf's clothing. 90% of women who try it say, "I don't usually drink whiskey but I love this one." What do consumers like about it? R.Z: They like that the most influential people on the planet drink it (musicians and athletes). They like that it has less sugar than other shot brands. I like how it makes me feel after I've had four. I suddenly look better, seem smarter and somewhat bulletproof. Have you seen bartenders' reactions? S.Z: Bartenders and musicians have the same reaction—it tastes good. R.Z: We've noticed some bartenders are like rock stars these days, we feel lucky and appreciative that they like drinking COLDCOCK. Our social media is filled with bartender reactions #shi&tastesamazing. How do bartenders and mixologists enjoy using it? S.Z: We've built the ultimate shot brand, one that not only tastes great at room temperature or chilled, but also one that mixes well with a variety of popular products. Consumers love that it's less sugary than other shot brands and doesn't get so syrupy when they freeze it. Bars are serving Monster Cocks, Cockstars and Cocky Mules as an add-on to straight shots. Retailers are upselling COLDCOCK customers to buy a six pack of Cider for a big favorite, the Cock n'Cider. What do you personally like about it? R.Z: We like what our brand represents: TAKING YOUR SHOT in life. Pursuing what you love and having no regrets about it. What's your favorite cocktail featuring COLDCOCK? R.Z: Duh, a tall Cock n' Cider. Any marketing strategy being implemented? R.Z: Yes, we never submit our brand to so-called spirits experts. There's no better palate than your own, so you'd better like what you make. Our marketing strategy is to make great-tasting whiskey and get the guy with the microphone to tell his friends how good it is. Social media helps too, so we use our band and athletes partners to help spread the word. Anything else you'd like to highlight? S.Z: I came up with the formula for COLDCOCK HERBAL WHISKEY right here in our home. After years of working in the spirits industry, I'd become pretty familiar with herbs, extracts and teas that could help me out the day after a long night of drinking. We started blending the herbs that we thought tasted good and, low and behold, our recipe eliminated the burn from the whiskey. We cut the sugar way down and use aged, quality American bourbon. R.Z: We don't need or want awards; we love our retailers, wholesalers and, most impor- tantly, our investor network who are helping us grow. Musician Tested and Approved so you'd better like what you make. Our marketing strategy is to make great-tasting whiskey and get the guy with the microphone to tell his friends how good it is. Social media helps too, so we use our band and PHOTO COURTESY OF COLDCOCK WHISKEY PHOTO COURTESY OF COLDCOCK WHISKEY COLDCOCK AMERICAN HERBAL WHISKEY IS ALL ABOUT TAKING YOUR SHOT IN LIFE BRAND Q&A

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