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42  /  the tasting panel  /  january/february 2015 by Emily Coleman A s a true spirit of origin, tequila channels the flavor of Mexican tradition, culture and history. This is why, as a premium Mexican tequila brand, Tequila REVOLUCION is committed to showing exactly how Mexico intends to share tequila with the world. The company's niche-product status and small-batch distillation allows them to take the best possible care of everyday production and create a spirit of unwavering quality. Juan Carlos Arav, owner of Tequila REVOLUCION, explains, "We are committed every step of the way in creating not only a premium spirit, but an extraordinary experience." Since mixology and tequila have come a long way, Tequila REVOLUCION also wants to give bartenders the opportunity to see beyond Margaritas and think outside the box. With expressions like the 100% Organic Silver and Extra Añejo, aged in French oak barrels, its line of products brings almost endless possibili- ties, enabling bartenders to develop extraordinary recipes. Expanding their offerings even further, REVOLUCION has also just developed an American barrel 36-month aged Extra Añejo that will reach the U.S. market next year. Arav is especially proud of the 100 Proof Silver: "It captures the best qualities of a 100% agave spirit better than any silver tequila and mixes with almost anything, and, at the same time, allows you to get to places no other product can, such as a Dry Tequila Martini!" This tequila comes out of distillation at 104 proof and evaporates during a six month time frame in special containers to get down to 100 proof, so that it is not diluted before bottling. "We have three main goals for every category we produce: to always keep the agave flavor even in the most aged products; to maintain a smooth sensation as well as a complexity to the taste; and to ensure that the customer understands that he is paying not for the packaging, but for what is inside of it," Arav con- cludes. This juice is definitely worth the squeeze. The Flavors of Tradition BRAND PROFILE PHOTO: HARDY WILSON

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