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january/february 2015  /  the tasting panel  /  103 Gin- Gin- resurgent popularity of gin is surely a sign that we are evolving as a species. Legions of parched Americans, disenchanted with vodka's austerity and carnival- like parade of flavors, are finding sanctuary in gin's affordable elegance and unrivaled complexity. Crafted according to a secret blend of aromatics, every brand is endowed with an appealing personality as individually distinctive as DNA, which explains why no two premium gins taste the same. The most telling distinction between brands is the irresistible nature of their bouquets. An exceptional gin makes its presence immediately known with an outpouring of fresh, celery- crisp aromas elicited from botanicals such as juniper berries, citrus peels, herbs, roots and spices. The effect is mesmerizing and lingers on the mind like an unforgettable perfume. These are indeed heady days for gin. Those in the gin camp conjecture that potential con- verts are created on a nightly basis in the form of lapsed vodka drinkers, consumers who've grown disenchanted with its austere, aloof personality and overwhelmed by the continuing surge of new brands. To explain gin's nearly universal appeal, aficionados point to its trim lightweight body, engaging arrays of flavor and wafting aromatics. The renaissance of the cocktail has prompted smaller artisanal brands of gin to enter the market, as well as heavy-hitting classics to introduce snazzy new variations on their centuries-old themes. So which brands have what it takes to become backbar classics? Here's our list of the most promising candidates. Steeped in History: NOLET'S Silver Dry Gin Ultra-sophisticated NOLET'S Silver Dry Gin is crafted at Nolet Distillery in Schiedam, Holland. It is formulated on a base of neutral spirits distilled entirely from premium winter wheat. NOLET'S Silver derives its aroma and captivating flavor from three highly distinctive botanicals—Turkish rose petals, fresh peaches and semisweet, slightly tart raspberries. The botanicals used are individually macerated and then distilled, allowing each to become fully expressed. NOLET'S Silver is made in a specially commissioned copper still that combines pot still and column still distillation. NOLET'S Silver is a singular gin, one unlike any that you've tasted before. It has a velvety textured body and a wafting floral and fruit-forward bouquet. The aromatics really seal the deal. The entry is delicately warm and surprisingly gentle, this despite its elevated alcohol content—95.2 proof. After a moment, the gin expands and bathes the palate with tangy raspberry, anise, citrus and sweet floral flavors. The remarkably long finish sports lingering spicy, flowery and raspberry notes. Each flavor complements the next. "NOLET'S Silver is a complex spirit made with some of the world's finest botanicals, which allows consumers to enjoy a true sipping gin," states 11th generation family member Carl Nolet, Jr. NOLET SPIRITS U.S.A. Unforgeable New Gins Fuel a Mixology Boom by Robert Plotkin Gin- Gin- Gin- Gin- Gin- Gin- Gin- Gin- Gin- Gin- Gin- Gin- Gin- Gin- Gin- Gin- Gin- Gin- Gin- uary uary uary uary uary uary uary uary uary uary

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