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48 Video Camera-Post Link AJA Video Systems has released Ki Pro, a portable tapeless video device that records files to the Apple ProRes 422 codec direct- ly from camera. Virtually any video and audio source can be fed into Ki Pro to record clean 10-bit ProRes 422 media that is then immediately available to edit within Apple's Final Cut Studio. Ki Pro allows users to skip the process of re-rendering to an editing codec by giving immediate access to full raster edit-ready Apple ProRes 422 files directly from camera. Ki Pro records hours of media to a removable storage module. The device is a small, portable unit that can sit on a table, in a bay, or mounted between a camera and tripod. Ki Pro is also ideal for on-set monitoring, providing instant access to multiple display devices simultaneously. Ki Pro is available for $3995. AJA Video Systems; Video Quadro Pipeline Nvidia released its Quadro Digital Video Pipeline, believed to be the industry's first integrated, GPU-based platform for real- time acquisition, processing, and delivery of high-resolution video. The Quadro Digital Video Pipeline, based on the company's CUDA parallel computing architecture, is a complete solution for broadcast, new media, and film production professionals that delivers fast graphics processing in a workstation or server-based platform. With the pipeline, users can incorporate higher quality and virtual sets into live broadcast via a direct path for image processing into and out of the Quadro GPU. Leveraging the CUDA parallel computing architecture of the Nvidia GPUs, the Quadro Digital Video Pipeline also captures HD broadcast-qual- ity video and performs real-time transcoding for use in Internet streaming services. Pric- ing for the Quadro Digital Video Pipeline ranges from $5000 to $8000, depending on configuration. Nvidia; Storage Sonnet's New Systems Sonnet Technologies released Fusion D400QR5 desktop and R400QR5 rack- mount four-drive hardware RAID 5 stor- age systems with quad interface. These new storage systems build upon Sonnet's Fusion D400Q and R400Q SATA storage systems by integrating a high-performance RAID 5 controller for optimal data protec- tion. Both the D400QR5 and R400QR5 SATA storage systems feature an internal RAID controller that supports RAID 5 formatting, which provides data protection in the event of a drive failure, and RAID 0, which provides maximum speed and capac- ity. Onboard RAID 5 support eliminates the need for a specialized RAID controller card. Available in 2 tb, 3tb, 4tb, or 6tb configura- tions, the Fusion 400QR5 systems deliver data transfers up to 225mb/sec read and 175mb/sec write with its drives configured as a RAID 5 set, and 240mb/sec read and write in RAID 0. The systems come with a choice of four interfaces and require only a single cable connection between the storage system and computer, simplifying setup and cutting cable clutter. All four interface cables are included with the units. The Fusion D400QR5 and R400QR5 are available now; prices range from $1335 for a 2 tb model to $1975 for 6tb. Sonnet Technologies; Motion Capture Expression Acquisition Dimensional Imaging, a supplier of human body 3D and 4D surface image capture and analysis solutions, unveiled its new facial expression capture system recently. The new system is designed to reduce the time it takes to create compelling charac- ters in video games and animated films. It takes advantage of Dimensional Imaging's DI3D facial-capture system to acquire high-definition 3D models of different facial expressions. The facial expression models are then converted to blendshapes semi- automatically, resulting in time savings and increased realism over hand-modeling blendshapes. Dimensional Imaging; Virtual reality Immersive Installation InterSense, maker of precision motion technology, announced the installation of a custom-configured, inertial-acoustic IS-900 tracking system and six-sided virtual-reality environment at the Desert Research Institute (DRI), the environmental research arm of the Nevada System of Higher Education. Inter- Sense worked in collaboration with systems integrator Hoffmann 3-D to deliver a 3D virtual-reality surround screen chamber that provides an interactive, tetherless visualiza- tion experience that is detailed and realistic. The InterSense IS-900 system enables the projection of six channels of stereo images onto the chamber walls. Small acoustic referencing transmitters installed in the seams around the ceiling deliver accurate, six degrees-of-freedom tracking. MEMS inertial components integrated into wireless tracking devices combine with a ceiling- mounted acoustic referencing system to track a user's head, hand, and wand move- ments within the environment. InterSense; routerS Small and Efficient AJA Video Systems recently announced the new KUMO line of compact SDI rout- ers that are small and cost-effective, yet offer features such as SDI, HD-SDI, and 3G SDI compatibility, as well as unique Web-browser control over a LAN. The KUMO 1604 will support 16 SDI inputs and four out, and the KUMO 1616 will support 16 channels in and out. Despite their small 1RU form factor, the KUMO compact routers are full-broadcast speci- fication products. Running embedded Linux, KUMO routers support powerful HTTP and SNMP control and monitor- ing. KUMO's internal Web server allows immediate configuration and operation via any standard Web browser on any OS, without any additional software to buy or install. The routers are expected to ship this winter. The KUMO 1604 will sell for $1995 and KUMO 1616 will be available for $2995. AJA Video Systems; HARDWARE For additional product news and information, visit November 2009 48

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