Black Meetings and Tourism

September/October 2014

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33 B M & T ••• September/October 2014••• • • • REFERENCES • • • Bradford,B.S.&Credle,S.H.(2007).Exploringthefac- tors that influence African American students to pursue careers in the hospitality industry. Review of Business Research Publisher, 7, 1. http://www.freepatentsonline.- com/article.Review-Business-Research/178079327.html Accessed12/17/2013. Hilton Hotels makes smashing re-entry into public market.eTNGlobalTravelIndustryNews. Landa,J.(December4,2013).AfricanAmericancaucus callsforinvestigationofUUandCSUtreatmentofunder- represented students. The Daily Californian. http://- calls-investigation-uc-csu-tr Accessed12/18/2013. National Association of Black Hotel Owners, OperatorsandDevelopers.NABHOOD. us/africanamericanshospitality Accessed12/17/2013. Perez,E.(June19,2012).Collegedegreespayoffmost forAfricanAmericansinCalifornia. California Watch. Accessed12/18/2013. Rivas,L.(December3,2013).African-Americanenroll- mentdrops. Daily Sundial. enrollment-drops/ andperson-centeredaspectsoftheprofession. What may be missing now is a committed cadre of industry professionals who can open the doors to the industry by serving on academic department advisory committees, and offering regular internships of a mini- mum of 400 hours. Evidence suggests that mentoring students beyond the basic internship is often the road to developing a strong professional career pathway for African-American graduates. Well-trained interns may be recommended for employment to other industry experts to ensure upward mobility as the industry con- tinues to diversify. It would be shortsighted not to recognize that today's African-American students have many more career opportunities than in the past. Similarly, students from diverse cultural heritages can learn from African- American professionals. Careers exist today that were not thought of 20 years ago, both within and outside the hospitality and tourism industry, and students represent the next generation of professional who will continue to explore new methods of marketing, communication and efficient; hopefully sustainable, business practices. As a result, all career sectors must actively recruit these stu- dents whose talents and energy will complement that of current professionals and preserve the legacy of African- American leadership in this fascinating and ever-chang- ing industry. Hospitality, Tourism and Recreation majors can really go places. Accessed12/18/2013. The2012StatisticalAbstract:TheNationalDataBook. Arts, Recreation and Travel and Accommodation, Food and Other Services. statab/cats/arts_recreation_travel.html and http://www.- other_services.html. Accessed 12/17/2013. Service With A Smile, Always

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