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October 2011

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COVER STORY SWS O by Meridith May Our industry is a dynamic force. We are awash in an ever-swirl- ing whirlpool of change: consolidation at all levels of the three-tier system, evolving product categories and emerging brands, new competitors, a complex web of regulations and spirited competition which drives all to strive to provide more value. Behind the scenes of this multifaceted environment are the curious, hard- working, dedicated individuals who pull it all together. Industry veterans are often proven and skillful masters of their domain, but the generation of up-and- coming leaders joining their ranks must be ready to breathe new life and energy into the business every day with innovative platforms and groundbreaking approaches on both the local and national levels. These leaders impact our industry by constantly seeking the answers to these questions: What are the key elements to a restaurant's success, a winery's fl ourishing sales, or a spirit brand's acceptance by the nation's leading mixologists? How can cutting-edge internal education serve our customer base? What is the best way of doing business as a distributor in order to maximize trading partner value? Jack Brennan leads the team for SWS of California. of California THE DISTRIBUTOR THAT UNITED THE STATE "We are not the best because we are the biggest; we are the biggest because we are the best." —Harvey Chaplin, Chairman & CEO, Southern Wine & Spirits of America, Inc. P H O T O : G E ORGE PHAEDON

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