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October 2011

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FROM THE EDITOR Roll the Presses! I can't count how many times people have said to me: "I love your magazine, but why spend all that money on printing and postage when you could just publish it on the web?" Maybe we are traditionalists, but there is something substantial and authorita- tive about having a magazine that people are able to hold. It's comforting to feel the paper, smell the ink, have the weight in your hands. I like to pass it on to oth- ers to read. I like having it on my coffee table. I'm proud when I see it on other people's coffee tables. Tasting Panel Publisher's Pick 96 Points "Head Over Heels in Love" I'm just as electronically tuned in as the next person. We do publish the magazine on the internet and an iPad app is on the way, but if they were the only way to see THE TASTING PANEL, I think the maga- zine would be somehow diminished. Many people like to say, "Print is dead." To them I say, "Not so fast." Yes, certain types of print periodicals are dying, particularly those that depend on immediacy to be relevant. We're talking general news magazine, daily newspa- pers. These are faced with the painful reality that most people under 50 get their news from the internet. They can't compete with the efficiency and speed of electronic media. Here's a dramatic example: I was watching an award show and wanted to find out more about a particular actress who was up for an award. I Googled her and was halfway through reading her profile when they announced, live, that she had won the award. By the time I scrolled to the bottom of the profile the news of her winning, three minutes before, was already listed. Clearly she had an excellent publicist, but the point is: Would I rather wait until the next day to read about her victory? Not likely. Luckily for us THE TASTING PANEL less about up-to-the-minute news and more about the people and stories that give texture to our great industry. We are unlikely to be scooped by CNN, Fox News or TMZ. Certainly our advertisers have decided that print is here to stay. Our first issue was in May 2007—before the recession. That issue was about 60 pages. The issue you are holding, published in the recession, is more than twice as big. I guess we must be doing something right. 123 Certified Organic Tequila (Uno Dos Tres) EU Organic 4 / the tasting panel / october 201 1 PHOTO: CATHY TWIGG-BLUMEL

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