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WHAT'S SHAKING Casey at the Bat K KATHY CASEY SETS ANOTHER TREND WITH H2 by Allison Levine athy Casey, touted as the "first bar-chef" by Dale DeGroff, is known for another opportunity for her to spark an international beverage trend. Noticing the current cocktail movement toward which work with a variety of spirits to create a refined, hydrating and (not to be overlooked) lower-cal option. One H2 bringing the kitchen into the bar. One of the first female executive chefs in the U.S., Casey has been a pioneer in many ways, including paving the way for the use of fresh ingredients in cocktails back in the early 1990s [Remember the way cocktails tasted back then? Thanks for the mixology revolution, Kathy! —Ed.] Her company Kathy Casey Liquid Kitchen is known for being on the leading edge of trends; her innovative cocktail work can be seen on menus across the globe. Casey's newest creation, Infused H2 O Cocktails, is yet ■ ■ ■ ■ 1 oz. Purity Vodka 3 oz. berry water (recipe follows) fresh berry for garnish Serve the vodka mixed with the berry water, stirred and served strained or just combined over ice. Garnish with a fresh berry on a pick. Berry Water makes about 4 cups or about 10 servings ■ ■ ■ 1 to 1½ cups fresh and ripe mixed berries, such as raspberries, strawberries and blackberries 1 long piece lemon zest 4 cups filtered, distilled or bottled high-quality water ■ brown/bitter cocktails, Casey began to think about the opposite end of the spectrum: sophisticated, refreshingly light cocktails. After some experimenting with ratios, temperatures, ingredients and infusion times, Casey developed "infused H2 O mixes," herbs and/or spices are added to the whipper with water, then charged with two N2 O infusion method involves the long, slow soaking of fruit, herbs or vegetables in water overnight (no muddling or juicing required). The second is the quick-infusion method, using an iSi whipper charged with N2 For a quick intensive infusion method, place the ingredients in an iSi whipper and charge with two N2O chargers. Let sit for 10–20 minutes, then release the gas with the whipper standing upright. Strain through a fine-mesh strainer. Keep refrigerated. Created by Kathy Casey Liquid Kitchen. O. Fruits, vegetables, O (cream) charges and allowed to sit for 10 to 20 minutes; the gas is then let out before unscrewing the lid and straining. The clear infusion can then be carbonated in a carbonating system such as iSi's new Twist 'n Sparkle. Any purified, distilled or bottled water source can be used in combination with ripe fresh fruit; an optional pinch of salt will add flavor. The key is to use full-flavored ingredients, cutting larger fruits and vegetables into small pieces to increase "flavorful surface space" for maximum flavor infusion. With no sugar added, H2 O infusions can be a simple cocktail solution to implement Casey's Liquid Kitchen on 38 / the tasting panel / october 201 1 with the addition of a complex-character vodka such as Purity, but will also mix well with other light spirits such as lighter-style gin, light rum or silver tequila. Kathy's sug- gested ratio is one ounce of spirit plus three ounces of infused water, served over ice. This is a new concept, so Kathy's best advice is to keep experimenting and have fun! For video demonstrations on how to make H2 O cocktails, check out Kathy O COCKTAILS Berry Purity H2O Berry Water H2O -Infused Cocktail C M Y CM MY CY CMY K PHOTO COURTESY OF KATHY CASEY FOOD STUDIOS – LIQUID KITCHEN PHOTO COURTESY OF KATHY CASEY FOOD STUDIOS – LIQUID KITCHEN

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