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34 / the tasting panel / november 2009 the Venue We've all heard of the proverbial "poker face," but in bar manager circles there's what's known as the "shake face," that is, the countenance one either consciously or uncon- sciously adapts while vigorously mixing a drink in a shaker. Carlo Splendorini, Bar Manager at San Francisco's Gitane, has a shake face that recalls the bold grimace of a Maori tribal mask—at least when he's too absorbed in his work to manage another expression. As the Italian-born Splendorini admits with a laugh, "I move my mouth like crazy, like I'm drunk—when I'm not." —Daedalus Howell the Joke A new bar was opening and to congratulate the owner, a friend sent flowers. The bouquet arrived at the busi- ness and the owner opened the card only to read "Rest in Peace." Furious, the owner phoned the florist who had delivered the bouquet to complain. The florist listened to the bar owner's grievance and then philosophically replied, "I apologize for the mistake but please consider that somewhere there is a funeral taking place where there are flowers with a note that reads, "Con- gratulations on your new location." Blue Bouquet 1½ oz. Blue Ice vodka ¾ oz. açai liqueur ½ oz. lavender liqueur ½ oz. lemon juice ¼ oz. crème de violette ½ egg white Place egg white in glass and foam with a latte foamer. Combine remaining ingredients with ice and shake vigorously. the Punch: The Bouquet punch line Carlo Splendorini at Gitane. American-made Blue Ice is crafted from Idaho-grown Russet Bur- bank potatoes—nine and a half pounds per bottle!—and naturally filtered Rocky Mountain water from the Snake River Aquifer, making it one of the mellowest vodkas on the market. PHOTO: RYAN LELY

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