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The People's Guide 2015 54 Medicare There are two ways to qualify. If you or another person in yhour household receives benefits from any of these pro- grams; Medi-Cal, WIC, CalWORKs, Tribal TANF, Head Start Income Eligible-Tribal Only: Bureau of Indian Affairs General Assistance; CalFresh: School Lunch : Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program (LIHEAP): or SSI: OR Total income for all persons in your house- hold meets the following income guidelines Members Annual in Household Income 1-2 $ 31,460 3 $ 39.580 4 $ 47,700 5 $ 55,820 6 $ 63,940 7 $72,060 8 $80,180 Each add'l add $ 8,120 * Includes current household income from all sources before deductions Income guidelines effective until May 31, 2015. 2. Help for Your Home No-Cost, Energy Saving Home Improvements Whether you own or rent your home, there are no-cost energy saving home improve- ments to improve the energy efficiency of your home. For qualified customers who meet certain income requirements, SoCalGas provides no-cost, energy-saving home improvements like attic insulation, door weatherstripping and minor home repairs. Other terms and conditions may apply. For more information, visit socalgas. com (search "Energy Savings Assistance Program") or call (800) 3331-7593. 3. Seasonal Bill Assistance If you have difficulty paying your winter gas bills, you may qualify for a one time annual allowance through SoCal Gas Gas Assistance Fund (GAF). Assistance is available during the winter months on a first-come, first-served basis for qualify- ing customers who meet certain income requirements. For more information visit (search "GAS FUND"). For a referral to a United Way agency serving your area, calll (800) 427-2200. 4. Help with Electric Bill If you are unable to pay your bill by its due date, contact LADWP before the bill becomes overdue. They will work with you in setting up a payment plan. If you visit one of their customer service centers and pay half of your bill, you will receive a two-week extension. You can also arrange to pay in installments. Call the LADWP Special Collections Unit at 1-800-244-4458 before the bill is due to make payment arrangements. If you have a notice of termination from the Department of Water and Power (DWP), call1-800-DIAL DWP (342-5397) and ask about Project Angel Fund. Priority is given to those not eligible for other aid or assistance. If you do not receive your water service from DWP, call your own water district and ask them if they provide any assistance for low-income customers. The Los Angeles Department of Water and Power (LADWP) offers a residential Low Income Discount Program (LIDP) rate for customers within qualifying income levels. This rate reduces the cost of electricity, water, and sewer services for the partici- pants' permanent, primary residence. Utility Bill Assistance If you are applying for CalWORKs, you may be able to get "immediate need" money to pay for your delinquent utility bills. (See CalWORKs" What Else is Available" pg. 5) If you are low-income and have overdue gas or electric bills, call: Low-Income Home Energy Assistance Program (HEAP) (866) 675-6623 vicesinYourArea.aspx Catholic Charities (213) 251-3400 Energy Crisis Line (213) 353-1226 or (213) 353-1228 Energy HotLine (800) 342-5397 Labor Community Services (213) 427-9044 Legal Aid (utility cutoffs) (213) 640-3881 Maravilla Foundation (323) 869-4500 PACE Environmental Services: (213) 989-3250 SoCal Gas General Questoins and Assis- tance: (800) 427-2200 So Cal Edison Low Income (800) 736-4777 Utility Tax Unit (senior discount) (213) 978-3050 West Angeles Center (323) 733-8300 1. Need Help With Your Gas Bill? You may be eligible for the California Al- ternate Rates for Energy (CARE) program. Eligible customers of SoCalGas may receive a 20 percent discount on their monthly gas bill at their primary residence through our California Alternate Rates for Energy (CARE) program. New customers who are approved within 90 days of starting new gas service may also receive a $15 discount on their Service Establishment Charge. You will receive your discount once your com- pleted application is approved by Southern California Gas Company (SoCal Gas.) Utilities and Phone A new law requires people who have both Medicare and Medi-Cal to assign their Medi-Cal to a managed care plan. You will also be given the choice to assign both your Medicare and your Medi-Cal to a Cal Mediconnect plan. If you do, your Medicare and Medi-Cal will both be assigned to the same plan. If you don't want your Medicare assigned to a plan, you must NOT choose a Cal Mediconnect plan, but you still must choose a managed care plan for your Medi- Cal. If you do this you do not have to go to the Medi-Cal managed care plan doctors. You should also know the following: • Always carry your Medicare card with you • Contact the Social Security office im- mediately if you lose your card or don't get one • Appeal any incorrect or unfair decision about your Medi-Cal benefits (see page 66 "Hearings and Complaints") For help with Medicare call Center for Health Care Rights (800) 824-0780 Outside Los Angeles County call: (800) 434-0222.

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