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27 The People's Guide 2015 Veterans Veterans and their family members may be eligible for income, health care, housing, and other services. Ask at the VA about programs for veterans and their families, like Education, Vocational Rehabilitation, Life Insurance, Burial Assistance, Survivors Benefits, and more. Can Vets Get Cash Aid? The Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) has two income benefits for veterans. 1. Service-Connected Compensation pro- vides a monthly income to veterans with a physical or mental health con- dition that is related to their military service. The amount of Compensation depends on the severity of the medical condition, and ranges from $130 to $3,536 per month. 2. Non-Service-Connected Pension pro- vides a monthly income to wartime veterans who are low-income and either 65 years or older or totally disabled. The amount of Pension is $1,038. Veterans with dependents can get more Compensation and Pension. NOTE: If you served during wartime and are receiving less than $1,038 in Social Security or SSI benefits, you should ap- ply for Non-Service-Connected Pension benefits. Veterans Is There Health Care for Vets? If you served in the military, you may qualify for VA health care benefits. Certain veterans receive prioritized health care from VA Medical Facilities and Vet Centers. Low-income veterans may receive free or low-cost VA health care. Call (877) 222-8387 for information on a full range of medical benefits available to veterans, regardless of your income and even if the health problem is not related to military service. Is There Housing for Vets? Permanent Housing - The VA has limited HUD- VASH vouchers for homeless veter- ans. If you have a VASH voucher, you can move into permanent housing and the VA will pay a portion of your rent. Rental Assistance – If you are facing eviction or are homeless and need help- ing moving into permanent housing, the Supportive Services for Veteran Families Program (SSVF) may help. SSVF pro- vides financial assistance and supportive services to low-income veterans and their families. Call "211" for the SSVF nearest you. Temporary Housing – There are many Grant Per Diem Programs (GPD) that of- fer free, temporary housing for veterans. Many programs have social and health services. Call "211" for the GPD Program nearest you. More Information For more information, visit or contact the VA Los Angeles Regional Office Intake Site at: Federal Building, 11000 Wilshire Blvd., LA, CA 90024 Phone: 800-827-1000 Veteran Service Organizations: Disabled American Veterans- Department of California 13733 E. Rosecreans Ave. Santa Fe Springs, CA 90670 Phone: 562-404-1266 Jewish War Veterans 2615 S. Grand Ave., Rm. 100 LA, CA 90007 (888) 489-2778 General Relief ("GR") is a Los Angeles County program that helps people who can't get cash aid from any other welfare programs and have almost no money. GR is a very limited program with many rules. The Los Angeles County Department of Public Social Services ("DPSS") runs the GR program. General Relief Can I Get GR Cash Aid? 1. Residence To get GR, you must live in L.A. County for at least 15 days and intend to remain here permanently. 2. If you are stranded If you are stranded here and want to go home, DPSS can help you. Someone must confirm that you live in the other county or state. DPSS will give you money to go home. You can also get housing and meal vouchers while you wait for transportation home. You can't get this help more than once a year. 3. Cash and Resource Limits You cannot have more than $50 total in cash or in a bank account when you apply. You can own: • One car worth less than $4,500 • Necessary household furnishings • House you live in if the market value is less than $34,000. If you live with your spouse, his or her income will be counted against you, A spouse's income is not counted if they are on SSI. If your spouse abuses you, DPSS may not have to count your spouse's income. If a worker tells you you must go to court to file for a divorce, call legal aid for help (see page 68.)

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