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78  /  the tasting panel  /  december 2014 TOOLS OF THE TRADE The Problem: Press foods onto the grill for faster cooking. The Solution: The Chef's Press. The Problem Solver: Bruce Hill, Chef-Owner, Fog City, San Francisco. M ost chefs fall in love with a piece of gear they pick up at a restaurant supply house— or that they repurpose for use in the kitchen. But in the case of Chef Bruce Hill, owner of Fog City in San Francisco, the desire to build a better mousetrap was irresistible. Bruce is an inventor, with inventing in his family, and, hence, in his blood. If he can't find what he needs, he makes it. Which is what he did with his Chef's Press—a tool that's available online and in kitchenware stores, to make all our culinary lives that much better. Merrill Shindler: So . . . what is it? Bruce Hill: It's essentially a modern mattone—an Italian brick for cooking. I like to tinker, and this is my invention. It's vented, handled and weight-adjustable. I actually came up with it when I was Executive Chef at Bix, and now it's used by lots of chefs—and sold at cooking stores. It's a high-tech . . . brick? Well, not all that high-tech. The handle allows the press to nest one on top of another, so you can increase the weight as you need. It saves time and energy—and helps you work your biceps too. Pressing Matters Chef and inventor Bruce Hill. PHOTO: SONIA YU PHOTO: HEIMO SCHMIDT by Merrill Shindler

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