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December 2014

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ON-PREMISE PATTER D owntown Los Angeles, as you've probably heard or witnessed by now, is in the midst of a food and beverage revitalization. The city is buzzing with energy as newer, inventive venues continue to open alongside the City of Angels' legendary and classic offerings. Helping to fuel L.A.'s new vigor, ACME Hospitality's Beverage Director, Dylan Snyder, is setting the scene aflame with passion, skill and an honest good time. When asked about the success behind ACME's bars— popular locales that include Sixth St. Tavern, Beelman's Pub, Spring St. Bar, King Eddy Saloon and more—the enthusiastic Snyder responded, "Have fun, be knowledgeable and rock your sh*t! If a staff is having fun, guests are having fun. If you know your product, you'll always feel comfortable. If you don't love your job, go get a new one." "Also, be different," Snyder continues. "All of ACME's bars have their own personality. Spring Street is very approach- able and simple, while Sixth Street Tavern has more of a party atmosphere. All of our bars are unique, but they still provide the same friendly neighborhood experience." Snyder, a Baltimore native who moved to L.A. to be a part of the city's progression, admits that his relationship with his current home can be quite tumultuous: I have a love-hate relationship with the Los Angeles food and beverage scene. I love the passion and the creativity that comes out of it. I hate the egos. Some members of the community push for us to hold knowledge back and to be elitist about our craft, and I should probably be less candid, but that's not me. I want everyone in the world to know how to make a proper Daiquiri and brew a beer. I'll let you in on a secret: It's really not that hard to do those things." For Snyder, "drinking should be a cultural experience and less of a means to an end. I want people to know that there's no judg- ment. Don't get me wrong: I love making drinks, but I love the people even more"—and the people, especially the Angelenos, love you back, Dylan. Thanks for bringing the heat. Where There's ACME, There's Fire ACME HOSPITALITY GROUP'S BEVERAGE DIRECTOR DYLAN SNYDER IS LIGHTING UP DOWNTOWN L.A.'S NEIGBORHOOD DRINKING AND DINING SCENE by Brian Kustera ACME Hospitality Group's Beverage Director, Dylan Snyder. PHOTO COURTESY OF ACME HOSPITALITY GROUP

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