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November/December 2014

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48 cgw s e p t e m b e r . o c t o b e r 2 0 1 4 P R O D U C T S SOFTWARE R E N D E R I N G Lighting the Way E-on soware is shipping two products based on its LumenRT 2015 technology: GeoDesign and Studio. LumenRT 2015 contains a new real- time rendering plat- form called Dynamic Immersive Visualization Engine (DIVE) for visual realism in complex scenes. Combined with e-on's natural scenery offerings, LumenRT 2015 enables users to handle demanding architectural and geo design projects. LumenRT Studio ($995) is packaged for architects and BIM professionals. LumenRT GeoDesign ($1,995) is the top end of the LumenRT product line configured for Urban and Infrastructure Design Profes- sionals. Both are being offered at a special introductory price. Higher Octane Cloud graphics vendor OTOY, Inc. has upgraded its advanced real-time rendering soware to OctaneRender 2.1. The latest version sports several improve- ments and features, including: render pass output for lighting layers, an undo system, im- proved sampling methods, and a scriptable node graph with an SDK for developers. D A T A M A N A G E M E N T Sharing with Simian Simian has released a new version of its media-sharing platform. Simian 3.0 includes an all-new, intuitive customizable UI that makes it faster and easier to build reels, manage projects, direct sales and marketing campaigns, and track client engagement. Improvements have also been made to Simian's Real-Time Analytics. Simian 3.0 is available as a free upgrade to current users. HARDWARE W O R K S T A T I O N S Xi Marks the Spot @Xi Computer Corporation is offering its MTower worksta- tions sporting the latest-edition Intel Core i7-5930K and 5960X (code-named Haswell-E) and configurable with the newest generation of Nvidia Quadro video cards. Top workstation performance is delivered by the Xi MTower PCIe with a full six-core clock speed of 4.3 ghz, four-channel 2800mhz DDR4, and 8gb DDR5 Quadro K5200. The workstations can be custom configured. These are some of the exciting topics that will be covered in the JANUARY.FEBRUARY 2015 issue of Computer Graphics World magazine. ¢ ENVIRONMENTS – Building complex environments for a fractured fairy-tale. ¢ WATER SIMULATION – Digitally craing "an act of God" with computer technology. ¢ CG CHARACTERS/CROWDS – CG characters of all kinds meet in the final battle of Middle-earth. ¢ GAMING – The power of game engines. ¢ EDUCATION – Students learn hands-on digital techniques. FOR ADVERTISING INFORMATION CONTACT OUR SALES TEAM MARI KOHN, DIRECTOR OF SALES 818. 291.1153 | LISA NEELY, CORPORATE MARKETING & ADVERTISING SALES EXECUTIVE 818.660.5828 | WILLIAM R. RITTWAGE, PRESIDENT/CEO 818. 291.1111 | next issue

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