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November/December 2014

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n o v e m b e r . d e c e m b e r 2 0 1 4 c g w 1 Starlight Theater—Double Negative teams with physicists to ground the science-fi ction adventure Interstellar in real science by creating amazing wormholes and a black hole. Digital Forecast: Cloudy—Cloud computing has been bringing sunny skies to many users, including those in the digital media and entertainment industry as the setups and services enable companies to take advantage of a centralized computing topology. Plotting a Caper—The secret is out: The crew at PDI/ DreamWorks devised new layout techniques to design sequences for the spies in Penguins of Madagascar. Eye Candy—With food as the driving element in the story, Disney artists served up a unique visual dish for the animated short fi lm "Feast." Red Carpet Ready—Awards season is here, and a number of VFX fi lms and animated features will compete for top prizes. Which will get your vote? Here's a little summary to refresh your memory in terms of the 2014 box offi ce. departments on the cover Editor's Note—A look back on the year's box offi ce shows a wide variety of fi lms to suit just about any taste, but the overwhelming favorites are the VFX movies featuring comic-book superheroes. So, it's not surprising that many superheroes will be making a big-screen debuts or box-offi ce returns in the coming years. Spotlight—Luxion's KeyShot 5.1, Xsens' new mocap suits and MVN Studio 4.0, The Foundry's Nuke 9, Viewpoint—Maximizing the 4k workfl ow Products—New hardware and so ware off erings Science Project— Animators at Walt Disney Animation Studios infl ate the egos of teen superheroes, but none more so than the big, balloon-like "science project come to life" in the CG animated feature Big Hero 6. 8 16 26 34 4 2 6 see it in POSTMAGAZINE.COM | 2015 Outlook: Special SWOT issue | Director Ridley Scott on Exodus | Editing Disney's Into the Woods | American Horror Story's VFX 30 C O M P U T E R G R A P H I C S W O R L D CGW 41 48 features

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