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December/January 2014

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yoga & spirit H as this ever happened to you? You're thinking about someone you haven't seen in a while when the phone rings and it's that person. Or you dream about a place you've never been before and you fi nd out it really exists on the planet. Then when you go there, something life-changing hap- pens. These kinds of events can't be explained by ordinary pro- cesses, but we may be "seeing" them through our "third eye." Sometimes called the mind's eye or inner eye, the third eye is believed to allow perception beyond the physical senses. Lo- cated in the center of the forehead in what Taoism calls the sixth chakra, or energy center of the body, the third eye is said to enhance intuition, personal power and psychic abilities. For priests of ancient Egypt, the opening of the third eye was a rite of passage sought after a long period of vigorous train- ing. Tibetan lamas undergo years of intensive meditation to open the third eye, believing this brings such spiritual gifts as the ability to converse with higher beings and see individual auras—fi elds of color that express emotional and physical health. You cannot open your third eye on command, but you can learn to enhance its power. The key to opening your third eye is meditation. Start by creating an affi rmation, such as, "I am opening my third eye more and more every day," that you repeat before you begin your meditation and any time you think of it during the day. If you worry that your third eye might be blocked, it is especially important to repeat your affi rmation regular- ly. If you don't feel comfortable saying you are opening your third eye, you can start by saying you are ready to open it. As you would for any meditation, fi nd a comfortable dark or dim place where you won't be disturbed. Sitting is the best position—relaxed, with body as straight as possible so the energy can fl ow unhindered up the spine and through the chakras. Slow your breathing and focus on relaxing ev- ery muscle in your body. Breathe deeply into the bottom of your belly and follow the breath as you take it in and exhale. When you are fully relaxed, imagine a peaceful place, such as a beach, moun- tains, waterfall or other place of natural beauty where you feel calm and serene. You can choose a place you have visited, or use your imagination to create a unique place of wonder. Imagine this place as vividly as possible, using all of your senses—the coolness or warmth of the earth, scents and tex- ture of the plants, the color of the sky. Visualize walking around and exploring. Imagine in detail smelling the fl owers, climbing the hill to see the view from the top, or taking off your shoes to dangle your feet in the water. If outside noises intrude, simply let them fade into the dis- tance and return your focus to your meditation, never forget- ting that focus is essential to opening your third eye. While still in your place of wonder, sit on the earth and focus on the location of your third eye in the middle of your fore- head. Repeat your affi rmation and feel the energy in your third eye growing. Imagine that a brilliant light is pour- ing out from your third eye. Imagine this energy and light growing and becoming more and more brilliant and powerful. When you are ready to fi nish your meditation, repeat your affi rmation one last time and feel a sense of satisfaction with your progress. Say fare- well to your place of wonder and slowly return to your body by wiggling your toes. Take a moment to relax before opening your eyes. If you cannot visualize clearly at fi rst, do not be discouraged, simply use your imagination to create the details. At fi rst the sensations may seem weak or blurry, but with time your ability to visualize will grow. Your imagination is a pow- erful link to your subconscious and this simple meditation will enhance that link and begin to open your third eye. If you make time to do this every day, in a month you'll see a difference in your intuition and psy- chic abilities, which will increase still more with contin- ued effort. By Arianna Andrews Simple keys to strengthen psychic abilities OPEN YOUR THIRD EYE december/january 2014-'15 15

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