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For additional product news and information, visit SOFTWARE DIGITAL SCULPTING Crazy for GoZ Pixologic has released GoZ Update 1 for ZBrush 4, the latest version of the company's 2D/3D digital sculpting appli- cation. GoZ enables artists to connect ZBrush projects seamlessly with other applications, simplifying the use of CAD- style modeling and animation programs while working within ZBrush's custom- izable user interface to conceptualize, create, complete, and render artwork. GoZ Update 1 adds Adobe Photoshop support, facilitating the ability to paint directly onto the model's texture, rather than using PolyPaint. GoZ users need not invest time in setting up shading networks for normal, displacement, and texture maps; GoZ transfers the mesh to the GoZ-enabled application of choice, instantly sets up the appropriate shading networks, and, upon sending the mesh back to ZBrush, automatically remaps the existing high- resolution details to the incoming mesh. ZBrush 4, available for Windows and Macintosh operating systems, retails for $699. ZBrush 4 is a free upgrade for all ZBrush registered users. Pixologic; WIN MAC WORKFLOW CG Combo Shotgun Software is integrating its Web- based project management and collabo- ration system with Thinkbox Software's Deadline render queue management soft- ware. The integrated solution is intended for visual effects, animation, and digital production studios and enables a seam- less render and review data flow. When Deadline starts a render, a Version is automatically created in Shotgun with key metadata; when the render is complete, Deadline updates Shotgun with a thumb- nail image, paths to frames, render stats, and playback links; Shotgun dispatches targeted notifications with links back to the work; and, studios can view the versions in various contexts, create reports, and orga- nize work into playlists for review sessions, where they can take notes with Shotgun's Note app. Access to Shotgun-Deadline integration is free for Deadline users with an active maintenance subscription and will be included in Deadline 5.0. Shotgun Software; Thinkbox Software; VFX Delirium and Damage Digieffects has upgraded its family of Delir- ium v2 and Damage v2 VFX plug-ins with workflow-enhancing technology, acceler- ating the editing and VFX workflow for Final Cut Pro and Premiere Pro artists. Digieffects AutoAnimate technol- ogy enables Delirium v2 and Damage v2 users to drop an effect onto a clip in the editing timeline and see the animated results in real time with no rendering. Delirium v2 includes 45 effects in five categories, including Phenomena, Color, Patterns & Distortions, Mood, and Compositing Tools. Delirium v2 VFX plug- ins are available for purchase individually as part of the firm's a la carte offerings. Delirium v2 plug-ins enabled with Auto- Animate include: Bubbles, Electrical Arcs, Fairy Dust, Fire, Fireworks, FogFactory, Smoke, Snowstorm, Sparks, and more. Damage v2 includes seven effects that are enabled with AutoAnimate capability and are designed for artistically degrading footage: Aged Film, Archive, Blockade, Destabilizer, Interference, Overexpose, and Skew. Now available, Delirium v2 is priced at $299, Damage v2 is $99, and Buena Depth Cue v2 is $199. Digieffects; WIN MAC DATA STORAGE Long-term Data Preservation Atempo Digital Archive (ADA) is certified for the Dell DX Object Storage Platform. Atempo's file archiving solution is inte- grated with the Dell DX Object Storage Platform's Application Programming Interface (API) to help users optimize total cost of ownership and resources, enhance primary storage and backup software performance, and centrally manage long-term archives. ADA frees up primary storage space by automatically migrating data to the DX Object Storage Platform for storage optimization. The metadata-aware joint solution enables users to identify and retrieve information quickly and easily. Atempo; WIN MAC LINUX UNIX August/September 2011, Volume 34, Number 6: COMPUTER GRAPHICS WORLD (USPS 665-250) (ISSN-0271-4159) is published monthly except in January and August (10 issues annually) by COP Communications, Inc. 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