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34 CINEMONTAGE / NOV-DEC 14 by Peter Tonguette portrait by Martin Cohen F ew people are privy to the secrets of filmmaker Christopher Nolan's new science-fiction adventure Interstellar — and those who are aren't talking. One person who knows Interstellar more intimately than most is editor Lee Smith, ACE, who has worked with Nolan for close to a decade. Interstellar, which Paramount Pictures releases November 7, is their sixth collaboration. Although Smith is necessarily short on specifics, he promises that the film will amaze. "I'm thrilled to have worked on it," he says. "It's just one of those once-in-a- lifetime movies." Matthew McConaughey plays the film's hero, an engineer who is forced to reinvent himself as an astronaut when the Earth is in the throes of a calamity. He may be seeking a new planet — and thus the preservation of human life — but the process means an extended (and intergalactic) leave of absence from his young family. McConaughey's co-stars include Anne Hathaway (who joins him on his journey into the galaxy), Jessica Chastain, Ellen Burstyn and Michael Caine, but the real star, perhaps, is the scale of the project. "It's a very epic story of space travel," Smith says. "And everything that excites me about filmmaking is exploration." 'Interstellar' Exploration (of Space as Well as Filmmaking) Editor Lee Smith with Director Christopher Nolan Above, Christopher Nolan. Photo by Melinda Sue Gordon Left, Lee Smith.

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