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July/August 2014

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3 B M & T ••• July/August 2014 ••• CONTENTS B L A C K M E E T I N G S & T O U R I S M C O V E R S T O R Y 31 31 46 46 26 26 VOLUME 21, ISSUE 7, July/August 2014 F E AT U R E S AREA GUIDES D E PA R T M E N T S When Black Meetings & Tourism was founded in 1993, African-Americans were few and far between in the Meetings/Tourism/Hospitality industry, espe- cially at the upper echelons. Black Meetings & Tourism Celebrates 20 Years of Publishing briefly recaps what we've reported on since then. By Solomon J. Herbert 4 Publisher's Message 5 Calendar of Events 6 Newsmakers 8 In The News 10 Hotel Happenings 22 Speaking of People 25 Property Profile – Breezes Bahamas 30 Museum Notes 50 From Motherland 51 Travel Data 52 Cruise News 53 Caribbean Corner 54 Detroit 55 Barbados 56 New York 57 Portland 12 12 BM&T Tribute Section offers some testimonials from a few of our partners and associates in the indus- try with whom we have worked during the last two decades. 40 40 23 23 It's no secret we don't have many elected officials who advocate for a level playing field when it comes to African-Americans in the hospitality industry. What Can Elected Officials Do to Level The Playing Field? is a short primer on the positive impact elected officials can have if they just get engaged and become proactive. By Michael Bennett 28 28 What Happened To All Of The Industry's Diversity Programs And Why Are They Out Of Vogue? explores the waning interest within our indus- try to champion the cause of inclusion. By Michael Bennett Workplace diversity in hospitality and tourism is a key factor in representing the community as a whole and facilitating cultural exchange on a glob- al level. In So Why Should We Care About Diversity? industry icon Melvin Tennant offers his views on the subject. By Melvin Tennant 44 44 Many of your colleagues and friends have appeared on the pages of Black Meetings & Tourism over the years. Some of them are still active in the industry, some have moved on to other pursuits, and sadly, some are no longer with us. How Many of Them Can You Recognize? is a nostalgic look back at BM&T reportage from years past. Ernest (Ernie) Wooden, Jr., a long-time senior hospi- tality industry executive and Los Angeles-area resident since 1999, talks about his work and goals as president and CEO of the Los Angeles Tourism & Convention Board (LA Tourism) in BM&T's Q&A, Part II. By Solomon J. Herbert Sports Tourism is an estimated $600 billion a year industry and growing so fast, its proving diffi- cult to quantify with any degree of certainty. Cashing in on Sports Tourism gives it a shot. By Michael Bennett

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