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SINGERS AND DANCERS Continues from page 26 it with everything you have and everything else will be fine," he said. Meanwhile, SAG will stand by its ZIPCAR With thousands of cars parked around the country — including New York, San Francisco, Atlanta, Portland, Seattle, Boston, Chicago, Philadelphia and Baltimore-Washington, with more to come — Zipcar is the perfect way to get to auditions or to run errands. Zipcar gives you access to a fleet of cars that you can use by the hour or by the day hassle-free, 24/7. SAG members may join for $25 per year — a savings of $50! Take advantage of the discount by joining online at or call (866) 494-7227 for more information. TOURO UNIVERSITY Complete your advanced degree through Touro University Worldwide. By special arrangement, the first 100 SAG members to enroll will save 40 percent off tuition. Respected, high-quality and accredited Touro University offers online master's degree programs designed for your busy work and life schedule. Visit or call (877) 528-6876 for information. All perks are administered by entities independent of Screen Actors Guild. Questions about each offer must be handled by the provider. Screen Actors Guild does not endorse any of the services offered. Additional member benefits can be found online at Log in and look for the "Deals and Discounts" section under the Member Services tab. THE UNFAIR LIST THIS LIST is composed of recent Guild-signatory producers who have either 1) been found by a neutral arbitrator or court to have violated one or more of the Guild contracts; or 2) have defaulted on payments to performers during production and have had production halted pending full payment. We encourage performers who may be employed by one of the listed producers and the agents of such performers to negotiate additional personal financial assurances with the producer, such as Zirius Film Productions, LLC PA Fade In Films, Inc. Cleopatra's Second Husband, LLC Grubb Productions, Inc. Mindfusion Law Corporation Loving Annabelle Pictures, LLC Shetler/LeMos Productions, Inc. Summertime Films, LLC Red Doors Entertainment, LLC B-Luv Productions, LLC Ryan Johnson Wingman Productions, Inc. Theatrical Theatrical Theatrical Theatrical Theatrical Theatrical Theatrical Theatrical Theatrical Theatrical Theatrical Theatrical creating an escrow account for the salary a performer expects to be paid by the producer. For various reasons, some producers who fit the above criteria may have been omitted from this list. Performers should always check with the Guild prior to agreeing to accept employment with any producer. For a complete Unfair List, log into your member account on and go to SIGNATORY COMPANY NAME PROJECT TYPE PRODUCTION NAME Backgammon Chapter 27 aka Chapter Twenty-Seven Cleopatra's Second Husband Color of the Cross The Gristle Loving Annabelle Melissa aka Secret Sins aka Walking Away Playas Ball aka Playas' Ball aka Playa's Ball Red Doors Show Stoppers Southern Cross aka King's Highway Window Theory DATE 4/7/2011 4/7/2011 4/7/2011 5/28/2010 1/27/2011 4/7/2011 4/7/2011 4/7/2011 4/7/2011 5/28/2010 4/7/2011 1/27/2011 Summer 2011 - SCREEN ACTOR 43 members who sing and dance. "The SAG singers community represents a strong and wide range of experienced professional singers, whose input is greatly appreciated by the Guild on many issues, and is vital in exploring ways to increase employment for our singers," said Dawnn Lewis, National Singers Committee co-chair. "An incredible group of talented professional dancers make up the SAG dancers community. We work every day to create an environment where dancers can thrive and pursue their craſt," said Bobbie Bates, National Dancers Committee chair. "Ensuring safe and reasonable working conditions is one of the major reasons that SAG was founded," said National Director of Stunts, Singers, Dancers & Safety Glenn Hiraoka. "The Guild will always be there for members when they need us."

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