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69 The People's Guide 2013-2014 Good Advice SUBSTANCE ABUSE Treatment Programs 1(800)564-6600 Hotline: (800) RELAPSE AA Headquarters. (800) 923-8722 / (323) 936-4343 Self help and meeting info. Sober Living Network (800) 799-2084. Finding or starting a group recovery home Phoenix House (800) DRUG-HELP/ (800) 378-4435 OTHER HELPFUL NUMBERS 211 LA County. (referrals for emergency food, shelter, clothing, etc) All Youth Related Hotline: (800)843-5200. Covenant House (800) 999-9999 National line for youth & parents. Message relay, homelessness, drugs, abuse. HIV/AIDS Testing (Free and Anonymous) (800) 922AIDS Alliance For the Mentally Ill. (213) 413-1622 Positive support groups, referrals. Suicide Prevention (877) 727-4747 (310) 391-1253 (24 hour nonprofit free center) CAST—Coalition to Abolish Slavery and Trafficking. (213) 385-5584 Client-centered case management for trafficked people. ABUSE 1. Child and Elder Abuse Child Abuse: (800) 540-4000 (Report abuse or exploitation of a child to the County) Elder Abuse: (800) 992-1660 (Report abuse or exploitation of a disabled adult or elder to the County) 2. Domestic Violence and Rape If you are a victim or a friend of yours is a victim of domestic violence (abuse) or rape you should call to get help. Protect yourself and your children, seek help and deal with violence. Most of the following hotlines are 24 hour and have multi-lingual capability. (800) 585-6231. TDD for deaf callers (800) 787-3224 (213) 626-3393 (310) 547-9343. (310) 392-8381 (323) 655-3807 (562) 402-4888 (626) 793-3385 (818) 886-0453 (909) 626-4357 Center for the Pacific-Asian Family (323) 653-4042 or (800) 399-3940 "A Safe Way Out" (800) 978-3600 What is Abuse? Abuse can be anything that hurts you: • Physical abuse (hitting, punching, shoving, using weapons or threats of physical harm) • Any kind of forced sexual activity with any adult or child • Threats of assault or sexual assault • Yelling at you • Threatening to kidnap the children • Keeping you from friends or relatives • Making you account for all your time • Denying or neglecting food or medical care • Controlling the money • Harassing you at your job • Following you around wherever you go. Restraining Orders Legal aid agencies listed on the previ- ous page can help you get a restraining order against the abuser. A restraining order can be obtained at the Superior Courthouse at 111 N. Hill St. in down- town LA or at your local court. If you file at the downtown courthouse, call the Domestic Violence Counseling Project (213) 624-3665. Local police or sher- iff officers can issue 3-day emergency restraining orders if called to the scene of a battering incident. Almost all of the courts in Los Angeles have domestic violence clinics where they will help anyone, regardless of income, to get a temporary restraining order against an abuser. Immigrants Low income immigrants who are victims of domestic violence may be able to legalize their immigration status without relying on their abuser, and may be able to get government benefits to help them escape abusive situations. For free help, contact: Asian Pacific American Legal Center (213) 977-7500 Legal Aid (800) 399-4LAW (4529). HATE CRIMES In California, a hate crime is any criminal act or attempted criminal act against a person or place based on the victim's actual or perceived race, nationality, religion, sexual orientation, disability, gender, or status as homeless. Hate crimes include threats of violence that look like they can be carried out and any act which results in injury. If you or someone you know becomes a victim of a hate crime: • Seek medical attention for any injuries, even if you consider them minor. Keep copies of all medical records. • Contact the police as soon as possible. Tell them you have been a victim of a hate crime. • Keep copies of all documents signed or received and write down the name of the police or sheriff's officer who took your report. • Document the hate crime providing as much detail as possible. • Take photos of any injuries sustained or damage to property. Contact a legal service agency (see previous page) or Center for Human Rights & Constitution- al Law (213) 388-8693 Coalition for Humane Immigrant Rights of Los Angeles (888) 624-4752 Los Angeles Gay & Lesbian Center (800) 373-2227 or (323) 993-7677 Muslim Public Affairs Council (323) 258-6722 Southern Christian Leadership Confer- ence (323) 290-4126 So. CA Indian Center (213)387-5772 IF YOU JUST LEFT PRISON Friends Outside (626) 795-7607 Variety of services to families of jail and prison inmates. Community Coalition: Ex-Offender Task Force (323) 750-9087 Chrysalis (for jobs) • Los Angeles (213) 895-7777 • Santa Monica (310) 392-4117

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