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61 The People's Guide 2013-2014 There are also organizations that offer low- cost assistance. The cost is based in part on your income and you may be able to work out a payment plan. BASTA (213) 736-5050 Eviction Defense Network (213) 385-8112 5. Illegal Lockout Landlords cannot lock you out without first going to court, even if you are late on paying rent. If your landlord locks you out without using the eviction process, you should immediately call LAPD. When the police respond to your call, you should show them some proof that you are a tenant (receipts, ID, etc.). Ask them to tell your landlord to let you back in. If the police officer does not respond, you should call LAPD and ask to speak to the watch commander. 6. 28 Day Shuffle If you have lived in a residential hotel for over 30 days, you are a tenant and can only be evicted through a legal eviction. You should not be asked to move rooms or leave for a few days every 28 (or 21) days. If this happens, you should file a complaint with the Los Angeles Housing Department (866) 557-RENT. If you are locked out, you should call the police and show them your receipts. If you leave voluntarily, it is not a shuffle. 7. Housing Discrimination If you are discriminated against in trying to buy or rent property, or use services provided to other tenants, because of your race, color, religion, sex, nationality, disability, or because you are married or unmarried, or have children, call: Southern California Housing Rights Center (213) 387-8400 California Department of Fair Employment and Housing (800) 884-1684 (800) 700-2320 (TDD Line) Housing "Qualified" and "Not Qualified" Immigrants (See next chapter) Some immigrants may or may not receive certain public benefits. Qualified immigrants are not necessarily elegible for pro- grams. Not qualified immigrants may still be able to apply in different programs. "Qualified" immigrants include: "Not qualified" immigrants include all other groups such as: • Laful permanent residents (green card holders) • undocumented immigrants • Refugees • immigrants granted Temporary Protected Status (TPS) • Asylees • Immigrants who are Permanently Residing in the US under Color or Law (PRUCOL) (PRU- COL means that the immigration authorities know yhou are here but do not plan to deport you, even if you dont fit into the categories listed above). • Persons granted withholding of deportation or removal • Persons in the US on a non-immigrant visa • Cuban and Haitian entrants • Survivors of trafficking • Persons paroled into the US for at least one year • U Visa applicants and holders • Conditional entrants • Certain spousses and children who are victims of do- mestic violance

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