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The People's Guide 2013-2014 58 You have the same rights as other tenants renting from private landlords, including any local rent control laws. If your unit is protected by rent control, your landlord must comply with those requirements. You also have additional special protections. Your landlord cannot evict you without a reason. Your landlord also has to give at least 90 days written notice if they want to stop accepting Section 8 Vouchers. When you receive a Section 8 Voucher you will have a limited time to find a landlord who will accept it, or you will have to return the voucher. Once you find a place, the Housing Authority must inspect the unit to make sure that it is up to their standards. The entire process may take up to several months. The Section 8 Voucher waiting lists are currently closed for the city of Los Angeles, county of Los Angeles, and city of Long Beach. To find out if the waiting list is open in other cities, contact their local Housing Authority directly. You can also ask a case- worker at one of the Access Centers about any special program that can provide you a Section 8 Voucher when you complete the program. The following agencies receive a limited number of Section 8 vouchers from HACLA through the "homeless set aside" program. If you are homeless, please try to get con- nected to one of the following agencies: Homeless Section 8 Agencies: (Call agency for a full list of services.) Alexandria House (Women and Children) (213) 381-2649 Beyond Shelter (213) 252-0772 Coalition for Responsible Community De- velopment (Serving youth) (323) 521-1910 Department of Mental Health (Mental health) (213) 251-6560 Good Shepherd Center for Homeless Women & Children (women and children)(213) 235-1460 Harbor Interfaith Services (Families) (310)-831-0603 LA Family Housing (818)982-4091 Los Angeles House of Ruth (Domestic violence victims) (323) 266-4139 New Economics for Women (Affordable housing, women and children) (213) 483-2060 New Image Emergency Shelter (Emergency shelter, individuals and families) (562) 983-7478 Palms Residential Care Facility (Substance abuse treatment) (323) 293-2319 Para Los Ninos (Children and families) (213) 250-4800 PATH (323) 644-2216 Penny Lane Centers (Shelter for Emancipated Foster Youth) (818) 892-3423 Rainbow Services (Domestic violence, women and children) (310) 547-9343 San Fernando Valley Mental Health Center (Adults and children with mental illness) (818) 901-4830 South Central Health & Rehabilitation Pro- grams (Mental illness) (310) 631-8004 St. Joseph Center (Individuals and Families) (310) 396-6468 Testimonial Community Love Center (Shelter for Single Women w/ children under age 12)(323) 291-6753 The Serra Project (Assisted living for HIV/AIDS Patients) (323) 344-488 Shelter Plus Care Shelter Plus Care also has some vouchers. The requirements for Shelter Plus Care Vouchers are the same as the requirements for the Shelter Plus Care project-based program. Housing Authorities Housing Authority of the County of Los Angeles (HACoLA) (626) 262-4510 Housing Authority of the City of Los Angeles (HACLA) (213) 252-2500. Long Beach Housing Authority: (562) 570-6985 Other cities: Check in the City Government pages in the phone book 3. Low-Income Housing Tax Credit Some private owners participate in the Low- Income Housing Tax Credit (LIHTC). In this program, private landlords reserve some of their units to offer at affordable rates. Eligibility for the units is based on income, and each unit has a set rent amount. For more information about this program, you should contact the individual owners or management offices directly. 4. Housing Resource Agencies The following groups can help or refer you to help of many kinds, such as vouchers to stay in a motel if you are homeless, or programs that can lead to permanent housing. Beyond Shelter: Downtown & Mid Wilshire (213) 252-0772 South Central (323) 565-2703 AIDS Project Los Angeles (213) 201-1600 Catholic Charities (213) 251-3400 Hope Again (323) 661-4004 Little Tokyo Service Center (213) 473-1602 Midnight Mission (213) 624-9258 St. Vincent DePaul (323) 224-6280 West Angeles Counseling Center (323) 733-8300 County's Housing Resource Center posts regularly updated listings of affordable housing in the private rental market. For more information visit: FORECLOSURES 1. Help for Homeowners in Danger of Foreclosure Many people who are in danger of losing their homes due to foreclosure have turned to loan modification or foreclosure "rescue" companies for help – only to realize they've been scammed. Anyone can become a victim of a loan modification scam. Be careful about signing any papers from groups you are not sure about. If you are facing foreclosure and want assis- tance, you can contact a housing counselor for advice at: 888-995-HOPE [4673] or Housing

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