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21 The People's Guide 2013-2014 If your income is over these limits, you may still qualify for low cost child care. Call the R&R or APP agencies. 1. Lack of Child Care You can be temporarily excused from participating in work requirements of CalWORKs if child care is not reasonably available. The case manager will evaluate each case individually and periodically. Child care is not reasonably available if: • You are not satisfied with the child care • There is no child care close enough • You have no transportation to the child care • There are no providers operating during the hours you need child care • The provider's license is under investiga- tion • The provider cannot commit to providing care for your child • The child care is not appropriate for your child's needs. 2. Complaints about Providers You should complain about your child care if there are bad conditions, or you suspect abuse or mistreatment. You can complain at the following places: • The DPSS child care coordinator • The R&R or APP Agency • Child Care Hotline (877) 244-5399, Monday through Friday, 8 am to 5 pm • Community Care Licensing (310) 337- 4333 • Legal Aid (look at p. 68 for list). 3. Brokers If you are requesting child care, you do not need to pay anyone to help you with your request (these people are often called "brokers"). The child care agency must provide you with a worker who speaks your language to help you with this process. You can also get help from community organizations who will not charge to help you request child care. If you use a broker, be very careful about signing a "representative payee" form, which gives the broker direct control of your child care payments. If you have any problems with brokers, complain to the agencies listed in the section above. 4. Hearings You have a right to a fair hearing if you disagree with decisions made by DPSS or the child care agency. You can ask for a hearing by using the back of any child care "Notice of Action" forms. You should file within 14 days or before the action/ termination happens. HELP FINDING CHILD CARE If you need help locating a licensed child care provider, you may contact the local Resource and Referral Agency in your area, shown below: Child Care Resource Center (818) 717-1000 San Fernando Valley & Antelope Valley Pomona USD Development Program (800) 822-5777 or (909) 397-4740 Pomona Area Pathways (213) 427-2700 Hollywood, Downtown, Silver Lake Connections for Children (310) 452-3325 Santa Monica, Beach Cities, Culver City Mexican-American Opportunity Foundation (323) 890-9600 East L.A., Monterey Park, Bell, Santa Fe Springs, Montebello, Boyle Heights Options (626) 856-5900 South San Gabriel Valley (Baldwin Park, El Monte, Whittier), Pasadena, Monrovia, La Cañada Crystal Stairs, Inc. (323) 299-8998 South Los Angeles, Inglewood, Hawthorne, Gardena, Watts, Long Beach, San Pedro, Bellflower, Cerritos, Norwalk The below Alternative Payment Program Agencies do not offer Resource and Refer- ral Services: International Institute of Los Angeles (323) 224-3800- Boyle Heights Drew Child Development Corporation CalWORKs (310) 638-8108- Gardena City of Norwalk (562) 462-1713 Child Care Information & Resources Direc- tory for L.A. County listing hundreds of licensed providers is available at DPSS website: 4. CalWORKs Child Care Stages There are three "stages" of child care. You should not have any problems as you move from one "stage" to another. You will generally receive child care while you are participating in an approved welfare to work activity (work, school, training, ap- pointments with GAIN, or any welfare to work activity including supportive services like domestic violence counseling or men- tal health or substance abuse treatment appointments). Stage One The child care agency will pay for any qualified child care that you choose for up to six months or until your welfare to work activity and child care are both stable. Teen parents will also get Stage One Child Care, as long as they are in Cal-Learn. You may be eligible to receive child care pay- ments for up to 30 days prior to the date of your child care request: call the Child Care hotline at (877) 244-5399 for more information. Stage Two After both your welfare to work activity and child care are stable, the child care agency will move you to Stage Two. You will stay in Stage Two while you are receiving CalWORKs and are in an approved welfare to work activity. You can keep getting Stage Two Child Care paid for 24 months after you are earning too much money to be eligible for CalWORKs. Stage Three "Stage Three" Child Care is subject to budget cuts in Sacramento and applicants are currently placed on waiting lists. It is available for low income working parents who do not receive CalWORKs. You may qualify for Stage Three Child Care if your income is below the levels in the follow- ing chart: Family Size Monthly Income Limit 1 or 2 $3,283 3 $3,518 4 $3,908 5 $4,534 6 $5,169 7 $5,276 8 $5,394 9 $5,511 10 $5,628 Child Care/Ed. WHAT ARE MY RIGHTS?

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