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82  /  the tasting panel  /  october 2014 WHAT'S NEW A s their provocatively fun French name would suggest, Ménage à Trois is all about doing things in threes. The original, Ménage à Trois California Red, brought together three attractive grapes in one exquisite bottle, kicking off the red blend craze and making the brand a household staple. Forward, silky and soft, it makes sense that this delicious dalliance has been the top-selling red blend for over five years. Now, hoping to continue this success and consumer romance, Ménage à Trois' latest trio has us falling in love all over again, and of course, it's a bit risqué. Whether it's breakfast in bed bubbly with Ménage à Trois Prosecco—seductive floral fragrance, refreshing citrus and bright green apple flavors—some late-night romance with Ménage à Trois Midnight—voluptuous blackberry and plush spiced plum with hints of mocha—or a delicious cocktail featuring Ménage à Trois Vodka—understated sweet vanilla and citrus flavors—or any- thing in between, the opportunity for a Ménage à Trois has expanded to any time of day, and who's going to complain about that? While Ménage à Trois Prosecco and Midnight continue to prove versatility and skill with the grape, their newest launch, Ménage à Trois Vodka—with its own trio of scrumptious expressions to choose from: Citrus, Berry or Straight—boldly charges the brand into the spirited realm and proves, yet again, why Trinchero Family Estates' formula of success through innovation is the real deal. "The success this company has experienced is a testament to taste and quality, but is also a result of staying on top of trends and a continued commitment to growth and expansion," explains Roger Trinchero, Principal, Vice Chairman and CEO of the family-owned business. Despite the differences between the grape and the grain, Trinchero knows what it takes to develop, launch and grow a brand, and this latest trio of products contin- ues this legacy while maintaining the same level of commitment to quality: All three have received a score of 90+ from THE TASTING PANEL. So while there may always be a level of risk when it comes to matchmaking, Ménage à Trois invites consumers to indulge in and experience their luscious flavors, alluring aromas and sen- sual textures—and remember, when it comes to wine and spirits, the more the merrier—especially if the number is three! MÉNAGE À TROIS INTRODUCES A NEW THREESOME: PROSECCO, MIDNIGHT AND VODKA by Brain Kustera Love (and Drinks) for All Seasons PHOTO COURTESY OF TRINCHERO Ménage à Trois invites consumers to fall in love with their entire collection of fun, flirtatious wines.

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