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October 2014

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Whether you're a bartender who'd never be caught without a muddler, a retailer whose box-cutter is your best friend or a somm whose wine key is an extension of your body, we all have our "must have" tools of the trade to get through a tasting, a busy service or a plain ole R&D session. But one can never have too many tools at their fingertips, so THE TASTING PANEL is proud to present your 2014 Spirit Survival Guide, filled with brands that will stock your back- bar better than a Swiss army knife. SURVIVAL TIPS: HOW TO EXPAND YOUR BAG OF TRICKS WITH Fighting the elements takes quite a bit of creativity—one-trick ponies are always the first to go up in flames or be hunted down by the enemy. You have to be quick on your feet to survive in this wild world, and Ole Smoky Tennessee Moonshine understands exactly how to adapt to its surroundings. As the first legal moonshine in Tennessee, it has faced an uphill battle with educating both the public and spirits industry about the versatility and deliciousness of the category, but over the past four years Ole Smoky has proved moonshine comes in many different personalities. For those wanting a high-proof, "true moonshine" experience, they need to look no further than Ole Smoky's Original Moonshine with a grain bill of 80 percent corn and 20 percent secret grain recipe that gives Ole Smoky a distinct character and bold flavor. White Lightning, Cherries and Charred expressions are also bottled at 100 proof, giving the brand diversity at that proof. If your taste buds desire something a little bit different—something both lip-smacking and unique—then you will be floored by their lower-proof flavored moonshines—Apple Pie, Blackberry, Peach, Water- melon and Sweet Tea. Ole Smoky also has an 80 proof Lightnin' line that perfectly matches flavor versatility with a higher proof, featuring Lemon Drop, Strawberry and Hunch Punch. Ole Smoky also produces special flavors for certain regions—like pineapple for Hawaii and Califor- nia, proving with animal-like instinct that flexibility is powerful. 1 OLE SMOKY TENNESSEE MOONSHINE 66  /  the tasting panel  /  october 2014

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