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October 2014

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VOICE OF FIVE GENERATIONS 18  /  the tasting panel  /  october 2014 T he 2014 harvest is in full swing, and it's shaping up to be a good one. Our initial review of the wines is that they are showing great promise—in both whites and reds. Have we had some challenges? Sure. California is currently suffering from one of the worst draughts in history, and you can bet that it's a topic of conversation at every winery. Draught is a long-term issue for our state, country and globe. This year, as in years past, we've used every tool available to monitor the soil, the vines and the weather to ensure that we are using water as efficiently as possible. We use soil moisture probes, sap flow sensors, pre-dawn leaf water potential measurements, as well as aerial images to ensure that every drop of precious water is best used. Because of our efforts, we know that our vineyards will continue to thrive and prosper, and that our wines will continue to improve with each vintage. Don't believe me? Come visit us, and I'll show you. But I may put you to work in the vineyards. Around here, everyone does their part. Cheers! Karl Wente Fifth Generation Winegrower and Senior Vice-President of Winemaking Wente Family Estates No Water? No Problem. PHOTO: JULIE ANN FINEMAN

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