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June/July 2011

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June/July 2011 • Vol. 34 • Number 5 Innovations in visual computing for D C C professionals Features COVER STORY 8 16 Killer Machines 8ILM goes large—and three-dimensional—when creating the many complicated Autobots and Decepticons for the third . Captains of the World Seeing Double feature, 16 In this latest Marvel character-based movie, the star is American-made by the US Army; in the fi lm, he is digitally-made, thanks to cutting-edge VFX. 22 66 Departments Editor’s Note The Good, The Bad, The Ugly 2Memorial Day weekend proved to be sunny at the box offi ce, shining Spotlight 4 Products Luxology’s Recoil. AMD’s FirePro V5900, V7900. Adobe’s Creative Suite 5.5. News The workstation market slows to a more sustainable pace. Intel’s Thunderbolt. Portfolio 64 SIGGRAPH 2011 Computer Animation Festival. xxxxxxxxxxxx Back Products xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx x xxxxxxxx x 80 Recent hardware and software releases. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx x a bright spot on what had been a dismal year for ticket sales up to that point. Hollywood was hoping for better numbers as the summer progressed, and was not disappointed over the July 4th weekend. Despite this success, there is a storm brewing within the industry, as artists and VFX facilities struggle to survive. 22 Stereo 3D gameplay is taking the interactive world by storm. From Digital to Real, and Back Again 28 Developments in scanning and rapid prototyping are extending CAD’s reach. Also: The World is Not Enough 66 Scales, Fishtails, and a Fickle Fountain of Youth 72 Going Mobile Poetry in Motion Reality Check 50 55 77 Pullout Supplement: 2011 Education Special Use a Web-enabled smartphone to access the stories tagged with QR codes in this issue. Download a free reader at SEE IT IN • See what storage companies have in store for Thunderbolt. • A look at some of this summer’s hottest VFX for fi lms. • Director Jake Kasdan on ON THE COVER ing the Autobot Sentinel Prime, which, like most of the other robots, is created from many types of materials. See pg. 8. June/July 2011 ILM once again performed the huge task of creating the gigantic Autobots and Decepticons for , includ- 1 . By By By Bad T eacher T ransformers 3 T ransformers Dark of the Moon By Barbara Rober tson Barbara Rober tson Kenneth W ong Kathleen Maher

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