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June/July 2011

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DOWNLOAD THE INTEL® VISUAL ADRENALINE APP TODAY! Intel ® Visual Adrenaline Gets App’tized YOU’VE HELD US IN YOUR HANDS, and you’ve downloaded our content from the Web. Now, Intel® Visual Adrenaline takes the next step in delivering news you can use in the way you choose by creating the Intel® Visual Adrenaline app for smart devices, starting with the Apple iOS* platform (iPad*, iPhone* and iPod touch*). Like the magazine itself, the new app concentrates on delivering eye-popping content, key tips and tricks, updates on software tools, and other advances in the graphics world. Only now we can keep you informed wherever you are and however you acquire the insights that make your career sizzle. Our goal is still the same: to serve up vital content to early adopters in the community, wherever they may be. We Control the Vertical AND the Horizontal According to Hitendra “Hits” Naik, Intel visual computing marketing manager, the new app takes advantage of iPad features several ways. “Intel was very explicit in designing this app to play to our strengths,” Naik said. “We wanted to incorporate multiple usage models when it came to designing the look and feel. When held in vertical, or ‘portrait’ mode, the article you’re viewing appears in a standard view, with the ability to scroll through text and minimized graphics. The effect is much like reading a magazine or newspaper in column format, as you concentrate on the text.”  more of a “Wow!” factor as the visual beauty of the graphics shines forth. Images are larger and pack more pixels, so you get more of your   The app uses all the familiar navigation methods for iPad, iPhone, and iPod touch users: You can swipe and tap, and set up favorites at will.  Program, and the all-important Feedback button lets you communicate your suggestions for improvements. The new Intel® Visual Adrenaline app provides extensive access to videos that give you even more in-depth coverage of news and commentary. INTEL SPONSORED SUPPLEMENT “The articles look great on the iPad,” Naik said. “When we were designing this, we were pretty excited. The content is completely digital, and visually rich and vibrant, so we wanted to keep true to that. We didn’t want to clutter the interface with competing colors, so we actually kept it utilitarian, with simple icons and low contrast.” STREAM GREAT CONTENT TO YOUR iPHONE*, iPAD*, OR iPOD TOUCH*

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