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october 2009 / the tasting panel / 27 the Venue For Emmy Kaplan, the proprietress of both the San Francisco and Sonoma, California iterations of Emmy's Spaghet- ti Shack, the secret ingredient to a good cocktail is "freshness." But fear not for the punk rock cred that makes Emmy's a favorite among Bay Area musicians, artists and foodies alike: The Shack (as it's colloquially known) has not been Michael Pollan-ized. Simply put, Kaplan and her staff don't believe in mixing good booze with so-so mixers. To avoid doing so, they make their own with sea- sonal ingredients sourced from artisanal providers, not from agribusiness. —Daedalus Howell the Joke A guy sits at a bar in a high-rise—like the Equinox in San Francisco. The guy next to him slams a shot of tequila, opens a window and jumps. Five minutes later, he's back and totally fine. The guy at the bar is shocked. "How did you do that?" he asks. The guy who jumped is totally wasted and says that he doesn't know, just that after he slams tequila and jumps out the window, at the last sec- ond the tequila suspends him above the ground. The jumper does it again—orders a shot, slams it and jumps out the window and comes back un- scathed. The guy at the bar is so impressed, he insists on trying it too. He orders a shot, jumps out the window and—wait for it—splat! It's over. The bartender looks at the other guy and says, "You're a real a—hole when you're drunk, Superman." Emmy Kaplan. Patrón of the Arts PHOTO: RYAN LELY 1½ oz. Patrón Silver ¾ oz. Patrón Citrónge orange liqueur juice from half a fresh, organic lemon juice from half a fresh, organic lime 1 tablespoon organic berry compote Generous splash of simple syrup (equal parts wa- ter and sugar, boiled and chilled) In a pint glass brimming with ice, pour all the ingredients, shake and strain into a sugar-rimmed Martini glass. Garnish with a lime wedge, a rasp- berry or a blackberry—or all of the above. the Punch: Emmy's Berry Margarita with Patrón punch line

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