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26 / the tasting panel / october 2009 A Classy Kiwi With its stunning green-glass bottle, it's no wonder Waiwera Artesian Water is garnering rave reviews worldwide, but this looker also packs a healthful—and tasty— punch that's sure to quench your thirst, and maybe even help you recover from a hangover if you indulge in one too many Manhattans or Martinis. Sourced from an aquifer nearly one mile beneath the Earth's surface in the pristine Waiwera Valley on New Zealand's Hibiscus Coast, Waiwera has the highest alkaline level of any water on the market, giving it a high pH that promotes rapid healing and recovery by rejuvenating the body on a cellular level (like we said; Sayonara, hangover!). Offered in both still and flat versions and in plastic and glass bottles, Waiwera's superior taste profile has been renowned since the 1840s, when it was hailed as the "elixir of life." We'll drink to that! Purely Tasmanian There are few things purer than rain water, but there's definitely something to be said for the rain water in some remote jungle as opposed to the rain water in, say, smoggy Los Angeles. That's where Cape Grim Natural Wa- ter stands out, as it is sourced from the Northwestern point of Tasmania, Australia, a region credited with having the cleanest air on Earth. Harvested directly from the rain water falling through Cape Grim's pristine skies, Cape Grim is the only bottled rain water on the market, and is so pure that even the ice you put in it will pollute its purity. The Best of Both Worlds If all this talk about pure and healthful wa- ter is getting you down, fear not, Silver Moon Desserts is here to the rescue! This unique line of ice creams and sorbets com- bines two of our favorite treats— dessert and liqueur—to create an unparalleled in- dulgence that will have you begging for more. These sophisticated, not- for-kids confections are made from fresh natural ingredients, real milk and premium liqueurs, and are offered in 14 flavors year-round. (There's also a spectacular holi- day line with flavors like Pepper- mint Wonderland Ice Cream that are sure to make Santa happy!) THE TASTING PANEL fell in love with the Mango Mimosa Sorbet, Praline Irish Crème Ice Cream and Bourbon Vanilla Bean flavors that brought us just a little bit closer to heaven. THE TASTING PANEL travels the world to bring you the latest and greatest in wine and spir- its trends, but we don't stop there. This month, we bring you the hottest waters coming out of the Southern Hemisphere —and a tasty treat hailing from a little closer to home! by Rachel Burkons Non-Alcoholic Water Down Under

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