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October 09

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Each season, it seems more series are switching to HD, and this month Post caught up with a number of shows — one comedy, one sci-fi, and two dramas — that recently premiered in or made the switch to high definition. There are a variety of choices out their for acquisi- tion, and whether it's a release from Sony, Panasonic, Arri or Red, producers have their own reasons for ac- quiring footage digitally. Some love the instant feedback that allows them to immediately see what they've shot on-set. Others like the high quality and flexibility that allows for push-ins and re-framing. And for some, digital acquisition is sim- ply a lower-cost/no-sacrifice alternative to film. N U R S E J AC K I E Nurse Jackie is a new Showtime series that stars Edie Falco as a dedicated but imperfect nurse who often takes matters into her own hands, despite ethics or hospital policy.Throw in her dependence on pain killers and an affair with the hospital pharmacist in the break room, not to mention a family at home, and there's plenty of drama to keep things interesting. Freelance camera operator Vanja Cernjul is direc- tor of photography for the series and has been on- board since episode 2. In fact, he was instrumental in selecting the camera for the HD series — Arri's D21 For some, digital acquisition is a more affordable/no-compromise alternative to film. By Marc Loftus SERIES Nurse Jackie DP Vanja Cernjul likes the optical viewfinder on the Arri D21. "Most HD cameras have digital viewfinders, which you can't see very much. They are not very reliable in terms of color and contrast."

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