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July/August 2014

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Dosch 3D: Food Dosch 3D: Concept Cars 2014 Dosch 3D: Garden Decoration Dosch 3D: Modern Garden Furniture Dosch 3D: Human Anatomy Dosch 3D: Indoor Plants Dosch 3D: 3D-People - Casual Dosch 3D: Hotel Room Furniture Dosch HDRI: City At Night Dosch HDRI: Street Backplates Vol. 1 Dosch 3D: Industrial Buildings Dosch 3D: Natural Objects V2 Dosch 3D: Construction Site Dosch 3D: Airplane Details V2 Dosch 3D: Travel & Recreation Dosch HDRI: Product Lighting Dosch 3D: Doors & Windows Details DOSCH DESIGN WWW.DOSCHDESIGN.COM 3D-Design, Animation, Visualization Besides complete 3D-models and scenes >Dosch 3D, Dosch Design products contain surface materials >Dosch Textures, High Dynamic Range Images >Dosch HDRI, as well as 2-dimensional objects for architectural visualizations >Dosch Viz-Images. High quality music and sound effects >Dosch Audio com- plement this product segment. We support your creativity. WWW.DOSCHDESIGN.COM

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