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38 CINEMONTAGE / SEP-OCT 14 by Mel Lambert I n the MAY-JUN 14 issue of CineMontage, we considered the types of DAW plug-ins favored by sound designers and supervising sound editors as creative tools that can make the difference between a so-so clip and a truly attention-grabbing track. To find out more about choices for the dub stage, we reached out to a number of experienced re-recording mixers to determine their top five favorite plug-ins, and how they use them on film and TV projects. We also asked what plug-ins they would like to see developed for the post market, and the kind of end-user features that aren't currently available. Film/TV re-recording mixer Frank Morrone, CAS, MPSE (Sleepy Hollow, The Kennedys, Lost), with Technicolor at Paramount lists GML Massenburg EQ, iZotope RX3 Advanced noise reduction, McDSP ML4000 multi-band compressor, McDSP Active EQ and Zynaptiq Unveil for pre-dubs finals, using Avid ICON D-Series controllers and a Euphonix S5 Fusion console. "I like the GUI designs; these plug- ins are closest to analog-sounding outboard gear, with good sonic headroom," he says. "RX3 is a whole suite of different tools for noise reduction. They are all very powerful, especially Spectral Repair." Dialogue re-recording mixer Ron Bartlett (Life of Pi, Heat, The Fifth Element) from 20th Century Fox's John Ford Stage lists iZotope RX3 Advanced Suite, Altiverb Reverbs, Altiverb Speakerphone, Waves C4 and Renn De-esser for dialogue and music re-recording. "Plug-ins are essential these days for dialogue mixing," he claims. "Using plug-ins to eliminate unwanted noise in dialogue tracks with such precision has been a wonderful advancement in our craft. We are now able to achieve a greater level of clarity while keeping the voice quality natural and warm." Currently, Bartlett is working with iZotope to develop new plug-ins and come up with ideas to help advance some of their current ones. "Due to our constant demand for speed and efficiency, I would love to see interfaces lean towards being quicker and easier to use," he explains. "For example, certain parameters that are used most often might be placed right out front and easy to grab. More effective pre-sets would give us a better starting point and less repetitive mouse clicks to achieve the same result." Fellow effects re-recording mixer Doug Hemphill, CAS (Maze Runner, Life of Pi, Prometheus), from the Ford Stage lists Audio Ease Altiverb 7, reFuse Lowender subharmonic synthesis, McDSP ML4000 multi-band compressor/limiter, Avid Channel Strip and Waves Ultrapitch 6 Voices harmonizer plug-ins. He uses Avid Pro Tools 10 on Avid Artist Series controllers during editing — "I love the ability to customize the soft keys for fast and efficient work flow" — plus an Avid ICON for pre-dubs and finals on the dubbing stage, alongside a Neve DFC digital console. Plugged-In for the Mix Recommended DAW Add-Ons for Re-Recording Mixers Lexicon Vintage Plate Plug-In.

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